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Christian Celebrity G.E.M. Visits Sick Orphans

By Yetta Yao
on November 10, 2017 01:11 AM

Group photo: G.E.M., the volunteers of Mending Kids, and staff of Henan Provincial People’s Hospital.: (credit: G.E.M.)

Christian singer-songwriter G.E.M. called on her fans to fulfill her birthday wish by donating for the treatment of children with congenital disorders in August, her birth month. The fund reached 310,000 yuan.

On Oct. 31, the "Taylor Swift of China" visited sick orphans in Henan Provincial People's Hospital.

High on charities, G.E.M. is the ambassador of Mending Kids, a charity organization based in California, whose mission is to give sick children life-saving surgeries, Ta Kung Pao reported.

The surgical week campaign initiated by volunteers of Mending Kids was carried out in the hospital from Oct. 27 to Nov. 4, 2017.

The hospital's department of pediatric surgery performed corrective surgeries for ten children in cooperation with the volunteers.

The singer stated in her video posted on her microblog, "Our medical team from the United States flew here to exchange technique experiences. At the same time, they performed surgeries for some orphans to cure their complex congenital diseases."

She said that the ten orphans would recover completely in three months after the operations and would be ready for adoption then.

She also brought presents and blessings of recovery to them. She expressed happiness on her microblog and thanks for the donors. "Thank you for joining the fundraising campaign held by Mending Kids during my birth month! Your love has changed the life of the ten kids~" 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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