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Pastor: Keep Alert on Lip-Worship

By Elsie Hu
on November 16, 2017 07:11 AM

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When you really love a person, your love is shown through your deeds. One pastor said that love is action. Similarly, the best way for Christians to express their love toward God is to live out love in deeds.

However, there is a phenomenon where some Christians are fervent and thankful in church worship and praise, but their deeds don't match outside of the church.

Rev. James from Hangzhou shared four points about "praising with lips" and "the act of love" in a morning devotional:

1. Be careful of praise. 

Rev. James claimed that a portion of believers often praised the Lord with hymns and mention God's word and covenant when talking with people. They are used to "teaching" others about the law and regulations of God, but they may not have such a close relationship with God in their hearts as their mouths claim.

Rather than his pious appearance in the church, a Christian's deeds reveal whether he depends on God. 

2. Stay away from lazy and idle people. 

Some believers frequently give lip service to God but live a lazy and idle life... Their deeds don't glorify God. The pastor reminded Christians to be careful of this kind of person to avoid being impacted by their bad behavior. 

3. Time is the proof. 

Time is in God's hands. He will judge people with His righteous right hand. God doesn't turn a blind eye to bad deeds and is entirely clear about everything. Despite His current silence, He will shatter these people. 

4. People who walk uprightly must be blessed and favored by God. 

Always speak words of gratitude. Replace complaints and weakness with thanks. A grateful man lives an upright life, walks in the way, and lives out God's beautiful love. 

So what is the right way? The pastor said that the answer lay in Psalm 50:23; "Those who sacrifice thank offerings honor me, and to the blameless, I will show my salvation." God tells us that one who gives thank offerings walks in the way.  What's more, reflect God's righteousness and fairness through your thoughts and deeds. 

- Translated by Karen Luo

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