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BTS AMA’s Performance Most Anticipated

By Faith Magbanua
on November 20, 2017 20:11 PM

BTS: (credit: Facebook)

Korean K-pop group BTS performed live at the American Music Awards (AMA's), the performance considered one of the most awaited appearances for the Asian music industry.

The award show, held on November 20, 2017 showcased not just local American artists but also, Korea's very own BTS.

"Team work makes the dream work."  -BTS

The group performed DNA, one of the songs from their freshly released album Love Yourself: Her album, the first K-pop record to hit the Top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart.

The highly anticipated performance became a hit to everyone at the AMA's and as seen in the livestream, their fandom, BTS ARMY, certainly did not disappoint.

BTS ARMY certainly did not disappoint too, as the fan chants for the song DNA proved that K-pop is now making waves in the US.

They have also performed at the prestigious American Music Awards, making K-pop history. And it is historic indeed, as the Korean K-pop group was the first band to ever perform in the AMA's

According to an article posted in Forbes, "With their first American primetime television performance at the American Music Awards tonight, BTS has rapidly gone from being sub-culture faves to becoming the most popular boy band in the States. Coming two months after becoming the highest-charting Korean act on the Billboard 200 album chart, the septet's rendition of "DNA" was one of the most anticipated moments of the night, coming on air only moments before Diana Ross closed the show out."

Clad in Saint Laurent clothing, BTS not only made history for Asian music, but also in showcasing their swagger headlining Vogue's latest article, together with other best dressed artists.  

Furthermore, the appearance of BTS doesn't only benefit them solely but also serves a foreshadowing on what's in store for the Korean music industry.

In retrospect, not everyone in the United States has ever dared to listen to other artists aside from their own singers, but with BTS entering the picture, it does give something to look forward to not only for the ARMY's but also for fellow artists too, coming from different Asian roots.


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