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- December 16, 2017 -


Chinese Action Thriller Film 'Explosion' To Hit Theatres on November 24

By M. Grace
on November 25, 2017 03:11 AM

Explosion Chinese movie: (credit: Screenshot (Youtube))

An upcoming Chinese action-thriller movie titled "Explosion", which recently concluded the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival, will be available for public viewing on Friday, November 24.

"Expression" director Chang Zheng was previously known for his dark family comedy Ma Wen's "Battle." He also act as one of the screenwriters of the movie which is translated to Yin Bao Zhe in Chinese language.

"I heard a story by chance: The head of a village owns a coal mine, where many local villagers work," Chang reportedly said.

"However the village head's unfair distribution of earnings triggered a dispute which accidentally killed a miner in an explosion. Later, my screenwriter and I adapted the accident into a story centering on a middle-aged man who fights extremely hard against his own destiny after being backed into a corner and eventually succeeds," the director continued.

The rising Chinese star Duan Yi Hong portrayed the role of an expert mine blaster on the run together with his girlfriend which was portrayed by the veteran Chinese actress Yu Nan.

It was noted that Chinese film "Explosion" already got nominated for best action design at the recently concluded 54th Golden Horse Awards.

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