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- December 15, 2017 -


Kung Fu Actor Wu Jing and Comedian Guo Degang Team Up for New Movie

By M. Grace
on November 25, 2017 04:11 AM

The Faces of My Gene Chinese movie: (credit: Screenshot (Youtube))

Chinese Kung Fu actor Wu Jing, who has gained public attention and fame for "Wolf Warriors 2" was casted by famous comedian Guo Degang in a new film directed by himself.

Wu attended the promotional event on Monday, November 20 in Beijing for Guo Degang's directorial debut film titled "The Faces of My Gene."

"Casting in a comedy film, I hoped to relax from the sweaty efforts involved in making an action film. Within the three days I spent in the shooting team, I watched with amusement their consecutive crosstalk shows." Degang said.

The story of the film talks about a talented author who is held back by his ugly appearance and hides his true love towards a beautiful lady.

The said author also has the ability to travel back in time and got a chance to meet his ancestors in different generations.

"The Faces of My Gene" is set to hit Chinese theatres on the first day of the Lunar New Year.

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