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- December 15, 2017 -


Samuel Proves Popularity in China

By M. Grace
on November 25, 2017 04:11 AM

Samuel Kim Arredondo (born January 17, 2002; formerly known as Punch): (credit: Wikimedia Commons)

On November 22, Brave Entertainment revealed that the South Korean artist Samuel's first album "Eye Candy" has been getting a lot of attention from Chinese fans.

The album and the music video of the title track "Candy" have been reportedly sweeping the tops of most online Chinese music charts and portal sites.

Aside from that, Samuel has taken over the popular online celebrity lists. On November 17, one Chinese site ranked Samuel as the hottest topic in its list of the hottest celebrities and second in its list of current hot topics.

Images of Samuel have also taken over the main page of Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter, one of the biggest Chinese social media sites. He was reportedly even a hotter topic compared to Lee Min Ho on the day that Lee Min Ho and Suzy's breakup was announced.

"We are thankful and happy that not only Korean fans but Chinese fans are giving Samuel a lot of love and attention. We will repay the fans by promoting more," a source from Samuel's agency reportedly stated.

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