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- December 15, 2017 -


Mother of Chinese Preacher Killed in Pakistan Thanks the Lord for Choosing Her Son

By Yetta Yao
on November 30, 2017 01:11 AM

In 2016, Li put stones into the shape of two Aramaic words “Maranatha” (“Come, O Lord”) during a short-term mission to Jordon.: (credit: WeChat account: Horn of Grace and Faith)

"I want to thank my Lord for choosing Li Xinheng and Meng Li Si from among thousands of people. " Said Liu Hongying, the mother of Li, a missionary who was killed in Pakistan on June 8, 2016.

After the memorial service held on Nov. 4 for the two missionaries murdered by ISIS, Liu gave an oral testimony published by a WeChat account called "Horn of Grace and Faith". She gave thanks to the Lord and prayed for forgiving ISIS, hoping their death could bring a greater revival.

The WeChat account stated that Liu was a godly sister and engaged in ministries of prayer and visitation in a house church that valued prayer. She had a son with her former husband and gave birth to Li Xinheng after getting remarried.

Li intended to return to China after one-year evangelizing in Pakistan, but he and Meng, another missionary from Hubei, were killed. In 2016, Li put stones into the shape of two Aramaic words "Maranatha" ("Come, O Lord") during a short-term trip to Jordon. The words were also his online personal status during the mission period.

Learning of her son's death was very painful for Liu. She said that the heavenly father gave His one and only son to the world and he died on the cross. She and her husband also dedicated their son to God as a missionary.

Below is her oral testimony:

"I'm very grateful that more people can learn the stories of the two preachers Li Xinheng and Meng Li Si through the Chinese church in China and overseas. I'm the mother of Li Xinheng. I'm here today and thankful for your coming and the prayer, donations, and other ministries every believer has done for the issue. I am very thankful.

"When Xinheng was naughty and unmanageable, I, his mother, commit him to the Lord Jesus in prayer. The Lord heard his maidservant's prayer and favored the vessel. I was really grateful for that.

"They shed their blood in a foreign country for the sake of the Lord. As a mother, I feel really sad, but as a daughter of God, I am thankful because I know where they went and why they went there. Their death is valuable.

"So I want to thank my Lord for having chosen Li Xinheng and Meng Li Si from among thousands of people as the blessings of the Middle East and even all nations. I believe that the two seeds can bring a greater gospel revival in all countries. I also ask God to forgive all the transgressions and sins of the Islamic State, for they do not know what they are doing。

"I thank every brother and sister for giving me such an honor to be a witness. Though the two children left the world, I have faith that it can inspire more Chinese churches and even the Chinese church worldwide to be one and promote a revival of Chinese evangelism. A fire of evangelism can burn in China and the world. I give thanks to my Lord. May your will be done and your name glorified. All the glory, thank you, Jesus."

- Translated by Karen Luo

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