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- December 16, 2017 -


GM to Recall 1 Million Cars from China

By Mei Manuel
on December 03, 2017 04:12 AM

Baojun 310 Wagon: (credit: Car News China)

At least 1 million cars will be recalled by a joint venture of automobile giant General Motors in China due to discovered fuel tank problems according to the country's quality board on Friday.

The recall of the SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile Co will involve 938,686 vehicles, including two models of the Baojun cars, a high-volume and entry-level brand car from the joint venture. Last year, the model sold more than 2 million vehicles nationwide.

This is not the first time GM and its Chinese venture would be recalling cars as it has already recalled 2.5 million cars in September due to air bag issues. Volkswagen and its joint venture had also recalled 4.86 million vehicles in the country after some problems discovered in some of their models.

GM is currently working with SAIC to produce an electric battery car known as the Baojun E100 despite the recall ordered by the venture. It is said the Baojun E100 is the venture's response to the stricter hybrid energy vehicle requirements now imposed in the world's largest auto market.

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