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Christians Offer Help to Dispatched Migrant Workers in Beijing

By Josiah Li
on December 05, 2017 07:12 AM

Brother Zhao and other Christians helped a family move to another place. :

On November 29, 2017, Brother Zhao and some Christians offered temporary accommodation to migrant workers who were relocated and helped them move in Beijing.

Beijing ordered a city-wide safety check after a fire killed 19 people and injured eight others in Daxing District, a southern suburb of Beijing, on Nov. 18. Many migrants who lived in Beijing's collective rented apartments had to move out in just a few days.

Zhao and other Christians started the service on November 25, searching for people who needed help both on-site and online.

Brother Liu, one of the volunteers, said, "Even if we don't help them, they can move by themselves and it won't cost them a lot. However, what they lack is care at this moment."

He shared two touching stories from their service. After they helped one family move, the family said thankfully, "What happened today will be unforgettable." Another story was about a seeker surnamed Wang. She called to them for help and asked repeatedly whether they could give her a hand and whether service was free in a trembling voice. She stayed on the phone until Liu answered yes and promised to help free of charge several times.

"The voluntary service in these days connects us with people in trouble. I feel very grateful and happy." Liu said, "Going out to serve people is following the example of Christ. May God give us strength and power to provide long-term service to migrant workers even after the hot news quiets down."

Brother Wang from Haidian District, in his 30s, and some Christians act as a liaison between helpers and receivers through WeChat, a popular social media app in China.

Their work gained praise from many netizens. One comment said, "I'm not religious, but I understand why many people believe in religions through your good deed."

Wang said that ten people could be lodged at his house and his car could deliver goods to dispatched workers.

One Christian couple who lives in Tongzhou District is also among the volunteers, willing to share their house and car with those dispossessed workers.

- Translated by Karen Luo

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