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- December 15, 2017 -


Think Tank Report: More 'Democratic' Internet Governance Needed in China

By Mei Manuel
on December 06, 2017 04:12 AM

(credit: Pixabay)

According to a state-supported internet think tank on Monday, China is currently the fifth country amongst 38 nations worldwide which has a standard for cyber governance. The report also calls for a more 'democratic' internet governance system for the country to remove inequalities.

According to the report of China's World Internet Conference, China ranks after the US, Japan, France and Estonia in terms of internet governance. It also said, "We should promote the establishment of a multinational democratic and transparent global internet governance system." 

China has been pushing forward for a unified cyber governance body that would look into the internet governance of nations, but other countries and interested parties are against this strict stance. China hopes to strengthen its power in establishing global internet governance.

Locally, the country's internet governance initiatives include stricter censorship and surveillance which now includes news outlets, individuals and social media. The Cyberspace Administration of China says these new measures would ensure social order and socialist values are protected and maintained.

China has also enforced new cybersecurity measures this year that would require all foreign firms to store data in the country and submit to additional surveillance checks. Many groups said the law is harsher as to that seen in the US and Europe.

The report also said, "(All countries) should give full play to the Internet to spread positive things like justice, kindness, liveliness and goodness in cyberspace."

The think tank also ranks China as the second nation in global internet development and innovation and 23rd in terms of cybersecurity.

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