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- January 18, 2018 -


Former EXO Member Luhan Accused by Guan Xiaotong's Mother for Going Through Cosmetic Surgery

By M. Grace
on December 08, 2017 19:12 PM

Luhan: (credit: All K Pop)

In a report by a Chinese media outlet Toutiao, Chinese actress Guan Xiaotong's mother is reported to be opposing her daughter's relationship to the famous former EXO member, Luhan.

According to the media source, rumors stated that the 20 years old Chinese actress and the 27-year-old former EXO member shook the whole nation after they publicly announced their dating news on October.

The couple also reportedly plans to get married soon. But the celebrity couple is having difficulties in pursuing their marriage because of Guan Xiaotong's mother.

It was reported that the Chinese actress' mother has set 3 requirements for her son-in-law. First, he has to be a responsible man. Second, he has to be naturally handsome with no cosmetic surgery, and third, he should not be feminine.

According to the Chinese media outlet, Guan Xiaotong's mother disapproved of Luhan because he failed to meet the last two requirements. It was not officially confirmed that Luhan went through plastic surgery but the singer has always been subject to rumors regarding his physical features. Luhan is also known to have his "flower boy" image, which is closer to being feminine.

Moreover, Guan Xiaotong's mother opposes the said marriage because she thinks her daughter is too young.

Meanwhile, both Guan Xiaotong and Luhan did not yet comment about this issue. 



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