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Beijing: India and China can still have a sound relationship

By Faith Magbanua
on December 12, 2017 17:12 PM

China: (credit: Pixabay)

Amid the brewing dispute between the China and India, Beijing has released a statement which may indicate a possible rekindling of diplomatic relations.

According to Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, he has said in a statement recently that India and China's strategic interests overshadow "partial frictions" and handling of the Dokalam standoff through diplomatic means reflects the importance of bilateral ties.

However, ahead of his visit to India to attend the Russia-India-China (RIC) foreign ministers' meeting to be held in New Delhi on Monday where he would also hold talks with top Indian officials, Wang said that China has always values good neighborliness and friendship between the two countries as "we are each other's big neighbors and ancient civilizations".

"We have handled the issue of cross-border incursions by the Indian border troops into China's Donglang (Doklam) area through diplomatic measures," Wang told a symposium here last week, maintaining Beijing's stand.

"Through diplomatic means, the Indian side withdrew its equipment and personnel which reflected the value and importance of China-India relations and demonstrated sincerity and responsibility of maintaining regional peace and stability," he said in his speech, in Chinese, posted on the website of the foreign ministry.

"China and India have far greater shared strategic interests than differences, and far greater needs for cooperation than partial friction," he also added.

Prior to that, it is also made clear that as long as China and India continue to engage in in-depth strategic communication and promptly dispel strategic misgivings, the strategic value of bilateral cooperation will be presented more clearly to the people.

"There will be a "prospect of the dragon and the elephant dancing together with 1 + 1 = 11 outlook," Wang said.

As part of the speech given was about China's diplomatic achievements in 2017 and its relations this year, Wang also stated that China still holds good ties with, Russia, Japan and countries in the disputed South China Sea region.

Wang's visit to New Delhi is the first by a top Chinese official to India after the 73-day Dokalam standoff and after the commencement of the second five-year term of President Xi Jinping.

Over the span of the two-month Dokalam standoff, the tension, however, has ended on August 28 after Chinese troops stopped building a key road close to India's 'Chicken Neck' corridor.

On the other hand, India had objected to the construction highlighting its security concerns. The road was being built by China in an area also claimed by Bhutan.

Wang's visit to Delhi is expected to be followed by top Chinese diplomat Yang Jiechi's trip later this month to attend the 20th round of China-India boundary talks.


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