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Being Single this 2018

By Faith Magbanua
on December 13, 2017 04:12 AM

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To people who are asking themselves why they are still single this upcoming 2018.

We often ask ourselves "Am I this hideous for someone not to like me?"

The answer is No!

We are created uniquely and not everyone is alike.  However, as the year of 2017 comes to a close, we often think of things that may or may not happen this 2018, and being single is one of them.

"Am I going to have a boyfriend this year?"  or sometimes, "Do I try my best to charm this girl?"  We all have a lot of "what if's" and "Do I"

We doubt ourselves without holding anything back, we judge before we take action and we get scared easily.

However, single people have it rough, not just this year but in the upcoming years that they remain single.

We are the misunderstood, the book cover that has been judged before reading the content, we are the people who build up walls that are harder than diamonds to even break. 

However, aside from that absurd amount of self-worth thinking, we always come to a conclusion that the reason that people do not associate themselves to us in a romantic manner is that because  "we are not good enough." People often tell us that our "standards are too high" though it is better to have standards than none at all.

Single people will definitely have it rough this year, but the truth is... being in a relationship is not finding THE ONE, it is being THE ONE, for THAT ONE

That is one of the reasons why we stayed single for so long. 

So, don't fret if people asks you why you are still single, or why haven't you responded to that person's confession of love.

We are a bunch of closet-hopeless-romantics that binge TV series, read books, meditate the bible and still, end up being single and happy.

Because, we find contentment in God, and the small things in life.

So, allow this year to give you a rough time, because single people are always up for a challenge, because we know that our God is more important than finding someone who would want us to change for the better.

We have waited so long to wait for God's perfect person, our own person.

As Psalm 23:1 (KJV) goes, "The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want."


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