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- January 19, 2018 -


How Well Did You Serve God this 2017?

By Faith Magbanua
on December 13, 2017 03:12 AM


As this year comes to an end, everyone of us starts to plan our 2018, but have you ever thought what kind of service to God did you do this 2017?

There are many kinds of service to God and here are a few:

1.        The I don't care

I do not know how many people are in this club but I must say, that there are at least a majority of Christians who may find themselves in this particular group.

This group, as the title says, does not give a flying care when it comes to serving God.  They attend church whenever they like, they take part in activities only because they don't want to be nagged by other church members or sometimes they do not take part at all. 

However, who are we to judge?

2.        The Semi-mediocre

Described as "second-to the most" popular kind of "label" when it comes to serving God.  They are the ones who serves God but does not want to do their best.  They may sing into the worship team, take part into activities but they will never sweat a thing.

Everything needs to be convenient to them and they don't care if their kind of service has an impact.  The only thing they care about is having fun.

However, who are we to judge?

3.        The Do-your-best

Basically known as the "cheerers", they are the sister of the "I don't care kind" because they actually care.  But not to the point where they will really do their best. 

They tire easily, get distracted easily, talks a lot in choir rehearsals, however, they sometimes contemplate the reason why they try so hard.

They tend to do half their best and the results may vary depending on how inspired they are.

However, who are we to judge?

4.        The Trier's

Always judged by the semi-mediocre because they always give an extra-push and they are known to lose their temper easily.  Tends to get angry when pressured but does the serving anyway, tends to whine but does the serving without holding anything back.

The perfect example of a human being.

They always try new things, exert effort in serving God, however, some sees them as "perfectionists" because they always push people to their limits.

On side note: you can always rely on them whenever you need to have something done.

However, who are we to judge?

There are other kinds of attitudes when it comes to serving God, and they are just some of it.  However, as this year closes its curtain, the question that you should think about is: "Have I done my best?" 

We should always remember that we do not serve God to make an impression, we serve God because it is our offering to Him.

Serving God is not a chore, it is a privilege that only few are experiencing.   


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