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- January 20, 2018 -


Shanghai CCC&TSPM Visits South America

By Xu Jingshu (from CCC&TSPM)
on December 16, 2017 07:12 AM

The delegation of the Shanghai CCC&TSPM visited the headquarter of the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International in Columbia on Dec. 6. : (credit: CCC&TSPM )
The delegation visited Chilean Bible Society on Dec. 9. : (credit: Wechat account: Shanghai Christianity )

The Shanghai CCC&TSPM visited the headquarters of the Church of God Ministry of Jesus Christ International in Columbia on Dec. 6 and the Chilean Bible Society on Dec. 9.

The history of the Church of God in Columbia began in 1972 and the neo-Pentecostal congregation has expanded into many locations in 50 countries, shared Carlos Alberto Baena, General Preacher of the church. In 2000, the church leaders created a political party named "the Independent Movement of Absolute Renovation" (MIRA) that has seats in the Congress of the country.

Rev. Shen Xuebin,  chairman of the TSPM of Shanghai, exchanged ideas on church growth, the pastor training system in the church of Columbia, and the Church of God's understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit with Columbian church leaders.

The Shanghai CCC&TSPM determined to add a Spanish service to its special services for people who speak English, Korean, and German, said Rev. Shen.

The Columbian leaders showed the Chinese delegation the largest church, located in the country's capital of Bogota, and another campus that will hold 3,300 under construction.

The Chilean Bible Society was the second leg of the delegation's trip to South America.

A department director of the Society told the Chinese team that the Bible distribution ministry in Chile dated back to the early 19th century when the country fought for its independence. The Bible Society branch founded in 1972 owns ten bookstores and three family ministry centers in the country.

He also talked about the organization's progress and challenges including financial difficulties since Catholics account for the majority of the domestic population. The ministry is carrying out Bible translation for Indian tribes of one million people and the homeless Roma community, having already completed the New Testament. In addition, the Society tries different methods like social service to help people access the Bible.  

- Translated by Karen Luo

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