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Govt: Chinese People Have More Civil and Political Rights

By Mei Manuel
on December 18, 2017 05:12 AM

China: (credit: Pixabay)

On Friday, China released a report which highlights that the Chinese people enjoy high levels of political and civil rights which contrasts to what the European Union and the United States said regarding human rights in China.

Before Human Rights Day last Sunday, the EU and the US released statements saying that they were "extremely concerned" about the deterioration of human rights in China and cited examples such as China's strict internet rules and the detention of several lawyers and activitists.

Several rights groups have also stressed that there is a lack of an independent judiciary that would ensure that the ruling party does not abuse its power and rights. Furthermore, other diplomats stressed that China's definition of huamn rights is very broad and ignores key aspects like freedom of speech, which contradicts to the accepted definition of human rights cited by the United Nations.

To counter these statements, the State Council said in its annual white paper that, "Chinese citizens have never before enjoyed as ample economic, social, cultural, as well as civil and political rights as they do today." It also said that greater legal protection is supported in the country with the assistance of a central leadership group which guides legal reform.

It also rejects criticisms on its human rights record and stressed that critics heavily focus on political and civil rights and does not recognize the social and economic freedoms they provide to their citizens.

China also cited its successes in human rights as seen in the laws to control health and property rights infringement by acting against pollution. Its strict internet security is also seen as an effective protection for their citizen's security and property.

The paper also said that China is also actively working on promoting human rights overseas and will push forward the creation of an international legal system that would protect these rights.

It also cited that as of August 2017, 36,000 Chinese peacekeepers have been sent out overseas to take part in UN peacekeeping operations and it currently has a standing force of 8,000 troops ready to serve.


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