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- January 19, 2018 -


Chinese Son Can Unlock His Mom's iPhone X Using His Face

By M. Grace
on December 20, 2017 00:12 AM

iPhone X: (credit: Facebook)

A new case regarding the faults of the Facial ID system of iPhone X is on scrutiny once again due to its failure to recognize its actual user.

According to a Chinese media outlet, a Chinese woman was able to unlock her coworker's iPhone X and it went viral. Now, another Chinese citizen bought iPhone X and later found out that his son could unlock the iPhone X he bought for his wife. The son simply unlocked it using his face.

After the incident, the Chinese netizen named Liu said that he called the Apple's customer service hotline and was told that it could be just a rare and isolated case because his wife and son looked very similar. However, the company  was reported to be currently carrying out an investigation to the incident.

News like this make Chinese consumers feel a bit unsecured and nervous to try out iPhone X. Apple already claimed that the facial recognition is foolproof, with only one in a million chance shot of someone's else's face being able to unlock the phone.



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