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Jackie Chan's New Movie to be Released this Friday

By Mei Manuel
on December 21, 2017 03:12 AM

Jackie Chan and Show Luo: Promotional photo from the movie 'Bleeding Steel'(credit: Jackie Chan France)

China would be seeing Jackie Chan on the big screen on Friday as the action star's newest movie 'Bleeding Steel' is set to open in Chinese theaters on Friday.

The movie is a sci-fi action film where Chan plays a special forces agent who pairs up with a mysterious hacker, played by Taiwanese singer-actor Show Luo, to discover a hidden mystery that has been kept hidden for years.

The 68-year-old Hong Kong kung fu movie star will be performing death-defying stunts in the movie as seen in some of the scenes where he is on top of the Sydney Opera House. According to reports, the actor had to undergo several health checks before he was permitted to do the scenes.

In his statement during a promotional event in Beijing, "The space (Sydney Opera House) was very limited. We didn't use 'wires' (to secure performers high above ground). I had to hold tightly to bars to prevent myself from falling.

Aside from Chan and Luo, the cast also includes Taiwanese musician-actress Nana Ou-yang and Australian actors Tess Haubrich and Callan Mulvey.

The movie is produced by Heyi Pictures and distributed by Alibaba Pictures.

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