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Deng Chao Returns with New Thriller Film

By Mei Manuel
on December 26, 2017 21:12 PM

Deng Chao: Deng Chao in the movie 'The Liquidator'(credit: Sina Weibo/ Cfensi)

After raking up awards for his last crime thriller 'The Dead End', Chinese actor Deng Chao is back in another crime thriller, this time as a genius detective for the movie 'The Liquidator'.

The movie was based on the best-selling novel written by Lei Mi entitled "Evil Minds: City Light", and scheduled for release in Chinese theaters on December 22.The story revolves around four cases, inspired by real-life events,: a teenager committing suicide after being physically punished by his teacher; an elderly woman forced out of her home because of her son; the failure of firefighters to rescue citizens from a burning building because the exit was blocked by a car, and a college student helping an injured woman, who in turn demands for compensation.

Known veteran TV drama director Xu Jizhou is the director of the film, making many fans excited as it is his first movie directing project. 

Aside from Deng, the cast includes Taiwanese actor Ethan Juan and actress Liu Shishi. Juan plays as the man hired to kill those blamed for all four cases with Deng tasked to hunt him down. As they try to chance after one another, justice and retribution are no longer clear. 

According to Director Xu, the movie isn't just a crime thriller because it also looks into the darker aspects of humanity.

Upon its release earlier this week, the movie attracted at least 100,000 viewers and gotten positive reviews. making it one of the country's most anticipated films for the holidays.

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