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Young Chinese Photographer Takes Free Family Photos

By M. Grace
on December 28, 2017 02:12 AM

Family: (credit: Pixabay)

According to a report on December 26, the 25-year-old Chinese photographer named Yang Dongqing from Yunnan's Shidian County has been venturing out into the mountainous villages near his hometown for the last three years, offering to take family photos without any fee.

According to Yang, he has taken photos of more than 200 families and thousands of villagers.

He continued explaining that there are still a lot of people living without having their picture or family portrait taken. He also added that he is hoping that the photos will bring happiness.

"Many people living in the remote mountainous areas don't get a chance to take a photo in their whole lives. I want to change that," said Yang.

His mission is compared to another Chinese photographer named Ma Hongjie, who spent more than 10 years documenting Chinese families with all their belongings spread out in front of them.

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