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- January 22, 2018 -


2700 Year Old Biblical Governor Seal Discovered in Israel

By Mei Manuel
on January 04, 2018 04:01 AM

Jerusalem: (credit: Pixabay)

On Monday, Israeli archaelogists revealed that they found a 2,700-year-old clay seal impression that they believed was once used by a biblical governore of Jerusalem.

The artefact had an ancient Hebrew script inscribed on it and said 'belonging to the governor of the city.' Archaeologists believe that it was likely attached to a shipment or was given as a s souvenir on behalf of the governor of Jerusalem. The Israeli Antiquities Authority stressed that the impression was like a small coin and showed a picture of two men facing each other similar to a mirror and wearing striped garments that reached up to their knees.

The Authority also shared that the seal impression was located near the plaza of Judaism's Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

In a quote from the Antiquities Authority from excavator Shlomit Weskler-Bdolah, he said 'It supports the Biblical rendering of the existence of a governor of the city in Jerusalem 2,700 years ago.'.

Governors of Jerusalem were always appointed by the king and have been mentioned at least twice in the Bible. The first instance was in 2 Kings where Joshua held the position and the second was in 2 Chronicles where Masseiah was appointed to the post under King Josiah's reign.

The announcement of the latest find came several weeks after US President Donald Trump recognized Jerusalem as Israel's capital. However, the announcement was met with hostilities from various parties and brought in international concern over the issue.

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