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Three Questions to Ask if Your New Year's Resolution Involves Prayer

By Mei Manuel
on January 04, 2018 04:01 AM

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Prayer is an important part of a Christian's life but it is not always easy to put yourself into it. Sometimes, it feels like another chore that must be done. Sometimes, it seems like no one is listening to your prayers. In other cases, it might be because we are not in the mood to do it. However, we don't miss doing it if we want something really bad and yet nothing happens.

The power of prayer cannot easily be guessed or understood. It is a gift that cannot be understood easily. However, without a God who intervenes for our prayers, our faith is like an ideology or philosophy we believe in. We believe in a God who acts and listens.

If your new year's resolution deals with prayer, here are three questions you can ask that would improve your prayer habit.

1. Are you praying too hard?

Some prayers are long, others are short. Sometimes, it makes sense, sometimes it doesn't. For most of us, making a prayer that makes sense is difficult to do, especially if we want something. When we pray, we don't have to explain to God what we want. He is already aware about your issue. When you pray, spend a few minutes in silence and think about the people you are praying for and ask Him to bless them. 

2. Am I expecting too much?

Prayer is often thought of as a two-way conversation between us and God. Others would say that God makes His presence known when we pray. However, every person has a different experience when it comes to prayers and the experience is not always the same for others. If you do not feel something when you pray, its ok. Prayer is all about God and all we need to do is pray.

3. Do I have to pray by myself or with others?

Prayers are a personal thing, but it can be done with the presence of others. The sentiment remains the same and when we pray with others, their prayers become our prayers too.

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