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How Christians Find Peace?

By Faith Magbanua
on January 09, 2018 04:01 AM

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As the song goes, "Jesus take the wheel,"  Christians still have the power to wish for peace despite the ongoing wars in the world.

It serves as a big mystery especially to people who are not Christians in how believers can find peace in a world so uncertain, in a situation so messed up and in a life so sad.

However, what they do not know is that the answer to their question is very simple.

For starters, it is obvious that Christians find peace in God, however, there are other things that also gives us peace.

1.        Prayer

Some might be asking, why prayer?  Can we really talk to God?  The answer is yes, we can really speak to God, He hears our every prayer, He knows our silent tears, our pains, He knows everything.  Why do prayers?  Because it is the only way to communicate with God, following reading the Bible.

By praying, we tell everything to God, un-filtered, no holding back, just raw emotions, pouring out from our very mouth.

By praying, we open a virtual telephone line from us to God, we tell Him our fears, our wishes, our pains.  And there is nothing more relaxing, more freeing that having someone listen to you.

2.        Reading the Bible

Following prayer, having our daily devotion and Bible reading also gives Christians peace.  The peace that we are finding is way more complicated to explain for the human mind, but that peace makes us feel safe.

It gives us surety, and reading the Bible gives us something solid to hold on, because God's word is rock solid, it cannot be bent of broken.  It speaks the truth, it rebukes us, but in the long run, it also gives us peace.

3.        Following God's will

I know that this is a tricky thing to discuss, because for starters, not everyone likes to follow God's will because they are afraid, however, we must always remember that following God's will may never be easy, but He is teaching us something.

John 14:6  (KJV)

Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.


However, there are stil a lot of Bible verses that can give peace to a person, but we must always keep in mind that everything falls into one greater being and that is God. When everything else fails, Jesus is the emergency plan that we should never forget.


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