Pastor Reconciles with Rebellious Son at “One Gathering Canada”

By Ruth Wang, August 10, 2017 07:08 AM

'Canadian Family Gathering' in Montreal held from on June 29 to July 1, 2017

'Canadian Family Gathering' in Montreal held from on June 29 to July 1, 2017

"This is my first time to dance and speak at a Christian gathering."

A cool Chinese young man in his twenties stood in front of thousands of family coming from all around the world and shared the most incredible and true spiritual experience.

As the grace of God descended, a touching moment occurred on the evening of June 29, 2017, the first night of the "One Gathering Montréal."

"I am the son of a pastor, so I always felt the pressure to be a good boy. I was so tired that I left the church."

In the past five years, Vincent has been crazy about Hip-hop dance. Not only did he enjoy it, he also started a dance club in his high school to "Hip-Hop" with his friends.

However, his father, mother, and sister all serve in the church. His father is a pastor while his sister is a worship leader. His mother was most worried seeing him away from the church and addicted to Hip-Hop dance.

Only God's hand of grace never left. On the first day, this young man felt free and safe. He sang, praised, and danced with everyone. He felt free and relieved, especially when the worship dance crew led the congregation to worship, he came on stage and started dancing an improvised break dance. One of his typical moves resembled scraping something off his arm. A young leader there commented that people could feel the dancer wanted to remove something ungodly on him and become holy.

After the worship, Vincent, his parents who serve in California, and his sister were invited to share their stories.

Melody, Vincent's sister who is a few years older than him and looks more mature, said, "My brother suffered a lot of pressure because we all serve the Lord. He thinks this is his shadow. He loves Hip-Hop." This has bothered her for a long time, however, "I believe the love of family overcomes all." The grace of the holy spirit that her brother felt during this gathering really moved her.

Vincent's mother shared, "I was invited by a sister. However, for many reasons, I couldn't decide whether to come or not. But God pointed out my son Vincent in my prayer. He said to me: 'All your family needs to go for Vincent.' God touched me to let me know how important the gathering is for Vincent to participate in the global body of Christ. So I cried just now seeing my son dancing. I could feel every struggle and shout inside of him. In fact, I have been nervous in the last few years because of his Hip-Hop dance. I believe it's common among Chinese for their children to study a different major. However, after one year of homeschooling he didn't make any friends in high school because he didn't have any history. But by the second year, when he started the Hip-Hop club with a hat, I knew I had to pray every day in the future. This is the pilgrimage of a mother. Every night, I prayed for my kid for a long time hoping that he would always walk in the way of God and would not stray even when he's old. I would continue to pray for him."

The father had his arm around his son's shoulder and was very moved. He said: "I wasn't made a pastor. I have a Ph.D. in computer science but God called me to quit my job to serve him in 2004. However, I have a bad temper. A few years ago, Rev. Damian came to our church to preach unity. He asked what we were praying for and it was abortion. He then said: 'You have no such authority to pray since you are all aborting and judging each other.' We repented and prayed for that. I remember he said to me: 'You have a temper issue and it is a fundamental one.' I knew my fundamental problem was pride. I just want to say that it is not easy for them to be my children, and I apologize officially to them today. I appreciate that Rev. Damian pointed out my fundamental problem and I want to thank many pastors for their acceptance. I want to thank this journey of homecoming. One Gathering is not a revival but truly walking with family. They accepted me when I was the weakest. Today my heart returned as a father and I also saw the same in my son. Thank you!"

Rev. Damian also thanked everyone for providing safety for young people to open and relieve themselves. "Thank you for providing a safe place for young people. Although we can preach and do other things, it is truly safe when young people feel safe."

Rev. Demian had seen many younger people leaving in western churches nowadays and most of them are children of Christians or pastors. They grew up in the church yet chose to leave after growing up. He said it was because we ignored family. In the meantime, young people find it hard to be accepted in the church. He called on all the people to make a covenant to provide a safe place for the younger generation, so that the church can be a place to truly accept them and their gifts and character, as well as to make the church homelike, where they can go to safely to experience grace and update.

A native Canadian pastor also blessed the young hearts. He said: "We need to become the home of the younger generation." He also invited young people to the path of coming home, "We welcome you home with your character, singing, dancing, and gifts."

He continued to appeal aloud saying, "let us say to the younger generation: your home is safe. We hope you can dance at home, not Hollywood or worldly dancing, but dance for God."

"We don't wish this to be another religious story, but a true story. Don't be afraid to use your gift and dance for God."

He also told the young people that, "I speak on behalf of your parents that children are a reflection of the parental figure in our native language. I hope you become the protector of your family. Remember in your quarrels that we're praying for you. We declare that all your path is filled with the blood of Jesus."

Young leaders also responded to the call and blessing, saying: "God, let us be aware that what comes from our fathers is not a curse but a blessing so that we can become a vessel for God to use."

-Translated by Grace Hubl

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