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Hi Greetings! This is China Christian Daily, the first comprehensive English Christian news website about the church in China. This month we start to send our monthly newsletter to give you a glimpse of what’s going on among Chinese Christians and Christianity in China. We thank you for your sincere love, prayer for and contributions to the Chinese church.
This time we select collections of features regarding testimonies of Chinese Christians, the status quo of social service, China’s millennials, and contributions of foreign missionaries, etc.


God Still Reigns: Testimonies of Urban Christians in China

Unlike the last generation Christians who often suffered political pressure and poverty, today's urban Christians in China are in a new battlefield and live out faith in new ways.

Does Rural Church Still Have Hope?

Some people may conclude that the rural church must decline due to the process of urbanization, while some said the rural church could revive due to the construction of the new socialist countryside.

How to Shepherd Our Rising Millennials?

There is also "a cliff-like drop" in the church's post-90s generation number, in comparison with previous generations, then how should the church tackle the difficult ministry challenge?

Outside the Church: Christian Social Service in China

May 12th of 2008 marks an unforgettable day for Chinese people, a day awakening many Chinese churches to the involvement in social service.

Communist China Recognizes and Praises Contributions of Foreign Missionaries in Nanjing Massacre

Nanjing, a city that has served as the capital of six Chinese dynasties, saw various turmoil, famines, and slaughters in dynasty alternation, but the massacre in 1937 was unprecedented.  

Interview: Yunnan Church Choir Director Shares First International Tour in US&UK

The Xiaoshuijing Miao Farmers' Choir from a church in Yunnan made its first international debut at New York Lincoln Center. CCD interviewed Long Guangyuan, the choir director, to share their first international trips. 
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