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A visitation ministry has been a tradition in the church "to personally extend the love of Jesus Christ to brothers and sisters in need". During the lockdown or approaching the Chinese Lunar New Year which falls in early February this year, churches in China carry out visitation to retired pastors, sick believers, impoverished people, and COVID-19 prevention workers. Despite social distancing, the Lord's love reaches out to those who are often neglected through door-to-door visitation. 

You can also read trending news, book release as well as features about the discussion of the future trend of the Chinese church and a village undertaker's simple faith.
Topic: Chinese Church's Visitation Ministry
Churches Carry Out Visitation Before Chinese New Year

Churches in Three Provinces Visit Aged Church Staff, Destitute People

Church leaders in cities of Shaanxi, Shanxi, and Fujian Province paid visits to aged pastors, staff workers, and impoverished un-believers in mid-January.

Jiangsu, Shandong Visit Impoverished People, Retired Pastors

The church staff visited some poor households with funds and retired pastors with gifts. 

Xiamen Christian Service Center Visits Children With Autism

Joint with college students, a Fujian Christian service center paid a visit to a local service organization for autistic youth and families, carrying out exchanges.

God’s Special Guidance in Visitation

Before the Spring Festival, joining in church’s visitation ministry, I experienced God’s reality and presence during the visits.
In the News

Beijing Megachurch Suspends In-Person Services Amid COVID-19 Rebounds

A Beijing church announced the recent suspension of its onsite gatherings amid rising pandemic infections.

Shanghai TSPM Megachurch Granted Religious Venue Registration Certificate

A Beijing church announced the recent suspension of its onsite gatherings amid rising pandemic infections.

Christian Community Supports Quarantined Xi'an City

As Xi'an was locked down in late December due to a spike of COVID-19 cases,the Christian community purchased materials for and donated money to the capital city.

"Martin Luther and the Third Enlightenment" Serial Forum Begins

Following the previous two seasons, the "Martin Luther and the Third Enlightenment Forum" kicked off to explore Luther's impact on thought and his enlightenment to China. 

NRAA Holds Press Conferece on Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services

The National Religious Affairs Administration answered the reporter's questions on the recent Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services which will come into effect on March 1. 

Administrative Measures for Registration, Cancellation of Religious Activity Venues in Zhejiang Comes Into Effect

Zhejiang Province formulated the "Administrative Measures for the Registration and Cancellation of Religious Activity Venues in Zhejiang Province (Trial)", which was effective from January 1. 

Christianity in China: Declining of MegaChurches’ Era, Beginning of Small Groups’ Times

The equal relationship among believers in small groups and the thought collisions brought about by free thinking will inevitably become the mainstream of China’s Christian development in the future, and even become the origin of new ideas and models. 

Testimony of Village Undertaker's Simple Faith

Mr. Jin was an undertaker in our village with more than 30 years of working experience. While he has just been doing the encoffination by experience and quenching without professional technical training. 

Voice: 'Remove Camouflage Appearance' - A Consideration of Chinese Church’s Future From Its 200 Years of Ups and Downs

After the decline of Christianity’s vanity, is it possible that the future development of Christianity is still a flashy mode of pursuing “grandeur”? We can only hope for the rise of a new generation of believers.

Rev. Lisa Pak Encourages Chinese Diaspora Communities to Collaborate in the Great Commission 

Rev. Lisa Pak, the Director of Global Engagement of Finishing the Task, delivered virtually a talk titled “The Diaspora Generations and The Great Commission” at the joint closing session of the Chinese Mission Convention.
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