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February 1 marks the 2021 Chinese New Year or also known as the Lunar New Year, China's most important festival for family reunions. While the COVID-19 pandemic worsened during the mass traffic period, most churches celebrated the grand festival through virtual services and some in person. However, the Xuzhou chained woman incident broke out, causing an unprecedented rage on the Internet, particularly among civilians. Chinese Christians spoke out their voices on the controversial event, exploring how we as followers of Christ should respond to such social issues in love and the truth. 

You can also read trending news as well as features about the declining megachurches, recalling the past history of Weifang from a female missionary's angle, the status quo of the Nujiang Great Canyon 
where western missionaries sacrificed their lives and financial difficulties of male seminarians. We also add a new column on the book release regarding Christianity in China. 
Topic: Chinese Church's Visitation Ministry
Chained Mother of Eight in Xuzhou Draws Chinese Christians' Attention

A Conviction Alarm of the Chained Mother Incident in Xuzhou to the Church: Reviewing the Spirit of Carl Henry's 'Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism'

Many Christians have commented on this controversial event of a chained mother of eight outside in winter in Jiangsu Province. 

Thoughts on the ‘Mother-of-Eight’ Case From Two Xuzhou Christians

Two writings from two sojourner Christians of Xuzhou origin in which they expressed their thoughts and reflections on the case of the chained mother of eight children in their hometown. 
In the News

Guangxi Church Conducts Worship at Spring Festival

A Guangxi church hosted a praise and worship service to celebrate the 2022 Chinese New Year.

Shaanxi Church Hosts Daily Virtual Services to Celebrate Chinese New Year  

To provide pastoral care to believers during the grandest festival, a Shaanxi church conducted online service every day during the festival. 

Services Resumed in Shaanxi, Liaoning Churches

Due to the de-escalation of COVID-19, a Shaanxi church reopened and a Liaoning church hosted a Sunday service on the same day.

Earthen Roundhouse Church to Be Completed in Fujian

A tulou church, an enclosed and fortified earth building in Fujian, is to be completed, with believers worshipping inside now.

Guangxi Church Records Pastors' 'Footprints'

A Guangxi church made an electronic file to record the activities of pastors and church groups.

The Yue Opera "Guangqi in Shanghai” Debuts

The large-scale Yue Opera play "Guangqi in Shanghai" premiered on the Star Stage of the Shanghai Qunyi Museum, reproducing the legendary life of the famous Shanghai sage Xu Guangqi.

Declining of Megachurch in Post-pandemic Era: A Good or Bad Sign to Chinese Churches?

In today’s era, for Chinese Christianity, crisis and opportunity coexist, which is both the worst and the best, because when the new wine is brewing and the new leather bag is being made.

Interview: 'With Respect and Empathy, We Look Back at Weihsien’s History in the Eye of Marjorie Rankin Steurt", Says Translator of Her Book Broken Bits of Old China

Written by a Presbyterian missionary and an American teacher Marjorie Rankin Steurt, Broken Bits of Old China has local literature and historic values.

[Feature] Centennial Course of “a Corn of Wheat” That Has Fallen into Nujiang Grand Canyon

Since the famous missionary Rev. James Outruam Fraser dedicated his life to the Nujiang Grand Canyon in Yunnan Province, the gospel has taken root in the region but more leaders are needed in an era when young people are faced with more worldly temptations.

The Difficulties of Young Male Seminarians in Rural Church

Ordinary male seminarians in rural churches have many difficulties after their theological studies, so I hope that more believers can see this and think of better ways to improve their living state of them in the church, and the church can inspire young people to devote themselves, rather than hindering their devotion.
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