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As COVID-19 is resurging across China, churches in many affected provinces and areas have been shut down again after periodic reopening and closure. Forcing to go online from time to time, many churches face challenges and restructure and pastors rethink how to relead their congregations. Some house pastors urge for changes in pastoral modes, for example, from just feeding members to building disciples who can be sent out, while a registered church in Jiangsu Province is encouraged to offer more practical messages and explore new ways to feed believers under lockdown. 

You can also read trending news, book release as well as articles about the duty of Christians amid global issues, Amity's bakery that trains mentally challenged audlts as well as a prodigal son's return to his Christian faith.
Topic: Pastors' Reflections on Post-Pandemic Era Amid Church Shutdowns

Interview: Pastor Shares Three Stages of Pastoral Ministry in Past 20 Years

From emphasizing famous evangelists' teachings to systematic Bible training, a church in South China has shifted to building inner life and believers' personal lives. 

Interview: Chinese Churches Need to Transform From Being 'Pastoral' to Being 'Apostolic'

Pastor D who leads a congregation in eastern China urged Chinese churches that were more pastoral to grow to be apostolic with the changes of the times. 

Interview: Pastor Says Church Ministry Attempts to Explore 'Integrated System'

In the past 30 years, China’s grass-roots churches have experienced various pastoral modes and then to the post-pandemic era today, which combines online and in-person hybrid modes for group, family and church gatherings. 

What Impact Will Bring to Long Time Lockdowns on Churches Due to COVID-19?

When COVID-19 first appeared, people thought that it would naturally disappear like the SARS which happened in 2003. As the pandemic continues, long-time lockdowns on churches will bring an impact in at least three aspects.

Suzhou Church Adjusts Pastoral Ministry Amid COVID-19 Challenges

A meeting was held in Jiangsu Province to discuss difficulties and challenges during the "double suspension" period and how to carry out pastoral ministry better.

Deaf Churches Still Have Hope Under New COVID-19 Surge

For hearing-impaired believers who rely on sign language to communicate, the COVID-19 outbreak has brought trials to the special group, but there is hope. 
In the News

China's Provinces Successively Issues Notices on Licensing Internet Religious Information Services

Almost all provinces in China have successively released notices on how to obtain the Internet religious information service license.

Lottie Moon International Online Conference on Christian Mission Collaboration Conduced Virtually

The Lottie Moon International Online Conference was conducted virtually to honor the 110th anniversary of the death of Charlotte “Lottie” Moon.

Christians Pray for Families, Victims of China Eastern Airlines Crash

Many Christians are concerned about the China Eastern Airlines MU5735 crash, praying for the victims and their families.

House Church Pastor Sentenced to 8 Years on ‘Fraud’ Charges

A Protestant house church pastor in China was sentenced to eight years for “fraud” charges of handling her church offerings.

Joint Church Ministry Carried Out in Three Guangdong Churches

Three churches in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province formed a joint team to conduct in-depth exchanges and resource sharing.

Photos of 2022 World Day of Prayer Services Across China

China's TSPM church celebrated the incoming World Day of Prayer which falls on Friday with its self-made material instead of following the officially designated program. 

Today’s Church Should Inherit the Spirit of Piety, Observe Christ’s Instructions as the Early Church Did

When Chinese church pastors and believers return to the state of faith in the Lord Christ of the early church again, the revival of Chinese churches is just around the corner, and its influence on the world gospel mission will reach a new height.

Interview: ACT Alliance General Secretary Urges Churches, Christians to Act Amid Global Issues

China Christian Daily conducted an interview with Rudelmar Bueno de Faria, the general secretary of the ACT Alliance, who urged Christians to take action to change the world amid the Ukraine war and social issues like gender injustice and climate crisis.

Faith-Based Amity Bakery Supports Young Mentally Challenged Adults

The Amity Bakery in Qinhuai District of Nanjing City provides employment mostly to a special group who are intellectually disabled - "Cuties" .

'I Learn to Be Grateful', A Lost-Found Second Generation Christian Says

A second-generation Christian who lost his Christian faith discovered it after tasting God's love from surrounding believers.
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