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Since the omicron variant has rapidly spread across Shanghai in March, the city of more than 25 million people has been in a citywide lockdown for many days under the "zero Covid" strategy. As the financial hub has seen tens of thousands of new COVID-19 infections per day, most residents are ordered to stay home and quarantine, including Christians. Registered churches have been shut down, while house church Christians can only gather at their own homes. As the most important festival of the Christian calendar, Easter was observed online again this year like during the early outbreak in 2020. During the lockdown crisis, pastors, church leaders, and Christians participated in intercessory prayers for individuals and the public, meditation, donations, voluntary work, and caring for people's mental health. 

You can also read trending news, regulation release as well as articles about Christians' experiences under COVID-19 and the virus' impact on a church, the situation of rural churches under lockdown, and the payment issue of seminary graduates.

Churches, Christians Observe Easter Amid Shanghai Lockdown

Shanghai Churches Celebrate Easter Online Under Lockdown

"In the past two months, we have not been able to hold on-site gatherings to communicate and share with each other. However, we can still sing and praise. He lives, He lives, and He lives in our hearts." All Shanghai churches celebrated Easter online under lockdown due to COVID-19. 

Easter in Shanghai: Christians' Life, Faith, Love Under COVID-19 Lockdown

This Easter Sunday might mean the same as this March for people in Shanghai: continuity of lockdown, mass nucleic acid tests, and food rush. But many people celebrated the special day with other believers online or with their families at home.

Shanghai Church Donates 20,000 Yuan to Local Seminary Amid Another COVID Surge

One church in Shanghai participated in the fight against COVID-19 due to a surge of infection cases.

Churches in 3 Districts of Shanghai Fight Against COVID-19

Church leaders and believers put themselves as volunteers for combating the epidemic with donations in cash and kind.

A Shanghai Christian Volunteered in Group Buying

Considering whether to unload the vegetables through group buying, a Christian living in Shanghai eventually took a risk of being infected with COVID-19. 

Testimony: A Shanghai Christian's Experience,Takeaway After Recovering from COVID-19

Informed to stay in the makeshift hospital due to COVID-19 infection, a Shanghai Christian encountered an emotional breakdown, but she gradually found peace from God. 
In the News

Many Churches’ Online Celebrations of Holy Week

Though churches in China are in lockdown due to recent COVID-19 spikes, they celebrated Passion Week virtually.

Censorship on Online Religious Contents Continues to Tighten up

The word "gospel" has become a censored word for WeChat official accounts. Many pastors commented that they struggled to run the ministry on WeChat.

TSPM Churches Attempt to Obtain Internet Religious Information Service License

TSPM churches in major cities are actively preparing to apply, but those in rural areas or smaller towns are generally less optimistic about obtaining the license to share religious information online. 

Shanghai Church Issues Notice to Boycott Shincheonji Cult

Shanghai Community Church issued a notice to remind its congregation to resist the recent rampant Shincheonji cult. 

China’s Chinese Christian Publishing Ministry Celebrates 15 Years

Renowned Christian publishing ministry Oak Tree Writing Studio celebrated its 15 years.

Amity Foundation Launches Charity Exhibition to Support Autistic Children

The Amity Foundation held a charity art exhibition, aiming to raise the awareness and attention of people with an autism spectrum disorder. 

Dialogue: Christians from Wuhan, Shenzhen, Shanghai Shares Experiences During COVID-19

Christians from Wuhan, Shenzhen, and Shanghai where COVID-19 surged in the past years spoke out their voices amid lockdowns. 

Pastor From Village Church Shares About Situation of Rural Churches Amid COVID-19

Having interviewed an elder in charge of a village church in North China, we got a glimpse of the situation of the rural churches and their members under the epidemic.

What Does the Soon-to-be Graduate Seminary Student Think of 'Low Pastor Salaries' ?

Muzi, a millennial seminary graduate, once gave up studying theology for fear of the hard life of a pastor. Facing the possible future financial struggles, she believes that God will have the best guidance for her. 

The Impact of COVI-19 Pandemic on a Specific Church

The influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on my church has been great. For more than two years, even the fortunate churches were only able to open half of the time. The less fortunate churches may be closed most of the time and unable to meet.
Law & Regulations

"Measures for the Financial Management of Venues for Religious Activity" to Come Into Effect on June 1

Recently, the State Administration of Religious Affairs launched the "Measures for the Financial Management of Venues for Religious Activities", which will come into force on June 1.

Questions & Answers in New Measures for Financial Management of Religious venues

As the Measures for Financial Management of Religious venues were promulgated, top official met the press and answered relevant reporters' questions.
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