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Greetings! We are China Christian Daily, the first comprehensive English Christian news website about the church in China.

This month we select articles about cults and heresies that have been active in the Chinese church, particularly in rural areas. Foreign and indigenous cults even seduce Christians to become their essential members and spread their doctrines. You can also read articles about trending news in May as well as special features about various topics. 

Korean Cult Actively Recruits in China, Seducing Christians to Become Essential Members
Grassroots Pastor Talks About Heresies in Rural Churches in Shanxi

The main reason is that rural believers do not have a thorough understanding of the Bible, says Brother Liu. 

Reflection on “New Heaven and Earth” Cult and Situation of Chinese Church

The falsehood of "New Heaven and Earth" is obvious, but why does it still have a serious impact on the Chinese church? 

In the News

Zhejiang Holds Cross-strait Sacred Music Exchange Conference

Choirs from Taiwan and all over Zhejiang gathered in Hangzhou to jointly offer praise and worship in songs.

Shanghai Pastoral Staff Mark Centenary of May Fourth Movement

Young pastoral staff from Shanghai visited places commemorating Lu Xun, the leading figure of modern Chinese literature. 

Hangzhou Megachurch Holds Annual Retreat for Clergy and Volunteers

Hangzhou's megachurch Chongyi Church held a retreat for its clergy and volunteers. 
Christian Training Center Near Border in Yunnan Province

Established in 1994, Yingjiang Christian Training Center offers bilingual theological programs and other short term training.

First Chinese “Barth" Forum Held in Beijing

The first-ever Chinese "Karl Barth" Forum was held in Beijing Normal University to mark the 133th anniversary of Barth's birthday.

Chinese Scholar Finishes First Ancient Vietnamese Biblical Translation 

A translation work of the Bible into ancient Vietnamese is completed by Chen Jianan.

Church in Jiangsu To Enter Quality-type Development Phase, Says Chairman of Jiangsu TSPM

"For the church in Jiangsu, high-quality growth or quality-type church development will be a long-term theme," said Rev. Zhang Keyun.

Pastor: Chinese Christians Should Avoid Imperial Chauvinism and Conquering Attitude in Evangelism

In global missions, Chinese Christians must not walk on the old path of the Western countries.
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