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- November 25, 2017 -


[In Pictures]Amity Foundation Responds to Sri Lanka Flood

By Amity
on June 07, 2017 01:06 AM

  • amitys-disaster-relief-team
    Amity's disaster relief team: The disaster relief team on the ground is building a medical camp near Galle area and provides medical and health services to affected people in the village of Baddegama.(credit: Amity Foundation)
  • amitys-medical-staff-at-the-medical-camp-in-baddegama
    Amity's medical staff at the medical camp in Baddegama: providing medical service and supplement drugs mainly to people affected by urticaria, eczema and other skin diseases. (credit: Amity Foundation)
  • amitys-disaster-relief-team-with-the-local-affected-people
    Amity's disaster relief team with the local affected people : The Amity staff provides medical service in flood-affected areas and is carrying out risk assessment and need assessment on the ground in three affected villages Pahiyangala, Heenpandala, Bulathsinhala. (credit: Amity Foundation)
  • amitys-disaster-relief-team-with-the-local-people
    Amity's disaster relief team with the local people : The Amity Foundation procured and distributed moisture-proof mattresses and pillows and sent them to Kotagoda school which functions as a temporary shelter(credit: Amity Foundation)
  • people-in-the-village-nivtigala-received-lamps-from-amity
    People in the village Nivtigala received lamps from Amity: so that they have lights in the evening and during the nights(credit: Amity Foundation)
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