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Churches Across China held Diversity Themed Gathering During Lunar Spring Festival

By Issachar Li
on February 20, 2016 08:02 AM

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    Shipu Church: Feb 8 2016 is the first day of Lunar Calendar. Shipu Church, Guangzhou, held New Year Retreat 2016.
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    Tianzhong Church: Tianzhong Church of Zhumadian, Henan, held thanksgiving worship gathering on Feb 8. Around 2500 people attended.
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    Salvation Church: Salvation Church (Jiu-en-tang in Chinese), Shandong, held a Spring Festival Gala named“Blessed are in Christ”.
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    Shilipu Church: Shilipu Church, Shaanxi, held a themed New Year Evangelistic meeting, “The Return of the Heart”. The believers of the said church are encouraged to invite their non-believed friends and family members attend the said evangelistic meeting.
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    Church in Qi County: Church in Qi County, Baoji city, Shaanxi, held a New Year Praising gathering themed “Heavenly Fathering is Awaiting You home”. The believers of the church dressed in costumes, singing and dancing.
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    Yangchegn county: The gathering place of Yangchegn county in Jincheng city, Shanxi, held New Year Praising gathering, in which 4 new comers made their decision prayer to receive Jesus.
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