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- November 25, 2017 -


Dedication Ceremony of Allegedly Largest Church in China

By Jotham Dai
on November 22, 2016 02:11 AM

  • daqing-panshi-church-the-claimed-largest-chinese-church
    Daqing Panshi Church, the claimed largest Chinese church :
  • the-worship-team-leads-the-praise-and-worship-in-front-of-panshi-church
    The worship team leads the praise and worship in front of Panshi Church :
  • about-330-pastors-and-elders-across-china-are-divided-into-groups-and-around-4000-believers-including-cell-group-leaders-and-performers-stand-before-entering-the-church
    About 330 pastors and elders across China are divided into groups and around 4000 believers including cell group leaders and performers stand before entering the church :
  • guards-stand-beside-the-church-to-maintain-order
    Guards stand beside the church to maintain order:
  • rev-liu-yang-right-the-senior-pastor-of-the-church-and-rev-lv-dezhi-associate-chairman-of-ccc-and-president-of-heilongjiang-theological-seminary-open-the-door
    Rev. Liu Yang(right), the senior pastor of the church, and Rev. Lv Dezhi, associate chairman of CCC and president of Heilongjiang Theological Seminary, open the door :
  • after-the-ritual-of-door-opening-the-congregation-walk-into-the-church
    After the ritual of door-opening, the congregation walk into the church :
  • the-sanctuary
    The sanctuary :
  • young-believers-perfrom-the-dance-you-crucified-on-the-cross-to-celebrate-the-church-dedication
    Young believers perfrom the dance "You, Crucified on the Cross" to celebrate the church dedication:
  • the-biblical-play-the-passion-of-jesus-in-the-fourth-part-thanksgiving-sacrifice
    The biblical play "The Passion of Jesus" in the fourth part (thanksgiving sacrifice):
  • the-congregation-watch-the-biblical-play-the-passion-of-jesus-performed-during-the-thanksgiving-ceremony
    The congregation watch the biblical play "The Passion of Jesus" performed during the thanksgiving ceremony :
  • panshi-church-at-night
    Panshi Church at night :
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