Articles by "CCD contributor: Li Daonan"

In Memory of My First Christmas: to Be A Serious Christian

My first Christmas happened in 2005. It was the day that I was baptized.

One Sign of Christians: Be Normal People

I have known a friend for several years, but I had been not aware of his Christian identity until he told me.

Eyes through Century-old History: Why Is Today's Rural Church Declining?

Inheriting the basic doctrines of the CIM, the fundamentalist rural church only belongs to the past specific time and is incompatible with today's era.

Why Have Chinese Christians Kept Away from and Rejected Conclusion Chinese Christian Growth Is Stagnant and Declining?

The majority of Christians remained closed and rejected to the study of themselves after alienation from society for a long time.

Do Male-dominated Views of Marriage Still Exist in the Church?

Are there conflicting views on marriage in the Chinese church?

When Freedom becomes Walls

From a Christian perspective, what are Chinese people like with the rapid urbanization?

Jesus’ Attitude Towards Women

How Jesus cared, respected, and showed compassion for women in the gospels.

Because of Jesus, Women Once Bound Feet Now Wear High-heels

There is a period of history in China that women were required to bound feet, and they have no right to be educated. Today's women with the right to be educated, equal status in marriage wearing beautiful clothes and high-heels should not forget Jesus who advocated freedom for them in history.

Jesus Wants Us to Do Little Things, Not Religious Big Matters

Doing a small thing out of love according to Jesus' teachings matters than thousands of big religious matters. Faith is a way of life, normal, peaceful and loving.