Articles by "CCD contributor: Lin Muli "

Pastor Lin Qinmin: God’s Faithful Servant Through Persecution

Pastor Lin Qinmin, peer of Lin Yutang, died in 1968 due to persecution.

Man Who Lost Two Wives Became Christian and Served as Hospital Preacher Lifetime

Lin Wenfeng, the hospital's only preacher all his life, played a part in promoting evangelization in a county of Fujian.

The Story of Pastor Su Huaduo - Longest Term of Office in Kinmen Church History

Pastor Su Huaduo who served the longest term of office in Kinmen Church history, was forced to separate from his family for decades due to the confrontation between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Church Makes Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner for 12 Years

A church will continue its 11-year-long tradition --- cooking the dinner on the Chinese new year's eve for people who are unable to gather with their families.

Philanthropic Church Cares for Old And Young

Famous local church create a "haven" for the village's seniors and children.