Articles by "CCD contributor: Lin Muli "

A Brief 120-Year History of Puyi Church in Zhangpu County, Fujian

In 1854, missionaries of English Presbyterian Mission went to Zhangpu County Fujian Province to evangelize. Now there are nearly 3,000 members in the church.

53 Students Graduate from Fujian Theological Seminary

On June 29, 2018, Fujian Theological Seminary held the graduation party for 53 students in Fuzhou Fuwan Church.

Southern Fujian Church Marks 150th Anniv.

150 years ago, three Yang brothers who received the gospel in a church hospital preached the gospel in Pinghe which became one of the three Christian centers in Minnan or southern Fujian with 15 gatherings before the establishment of the PRC.

US Moody Bible Institute Choir Performs at Fuzhou Megachurch

On May 21, 2018, the Moody Bible Institute's Men's Collegiate Choir gave a performance at Fuzhou megachurch.

Fujian Church Holds Prayer Service to Observe International Mother’s Day

Fuzhou Huaxiang Church of Fujian held three prayer services.

Pinghe County Hospital Marks 130th Anniv., Formerly Founded by American Medical Missionary

Dr. Johannes Abraham Otte spent 1,800 dollars to design and build Neerbosch Hospital which was named after a Dutch town that donated money for the hospital.

Historical Ties of Church in Kinmen to Church in Southern Fujian

The majority of the Christians in Kinmen inherit the faith from their older generations or convert to Christianity when they study or work in Taiwan and foreign countries.

Short Biography of First Preacher in Zengcuoan Church, Xiamen

Learn to know the life of Cai Zhenxun who experienced a rough life.

Fujian Church Will Hold Daily Morning Prayer in Holy Week and on Easter

Huaxiang Church will hold special daily morning prayer and meditation meetings to mark Holy Week.

Pastor Lin Qinmin: God’s Faithful Servant Through Persecution

Pastor Lin Qinmin, peer of Lin Yutang, died in 1968 due to persecution.