Articles by "CCD contributor: Paul Wu "

Top 10 Rumors about Christianity in 2018

A year had passed, but the ghost of rumors is still wandering around in the Chinese Christian world.

12 Views of Chinese Society on Christianity

Many Chinese non-Christians have favorable, negative, and neutral views of Protestantism in China.

Ten Western Female Missionaries in China

Learn to know the stories of ten foreign women missionaries who made great contributions to Chinese evangelism as well as society.

Problems Facing Chinese Churches in Rapid Development

Six mayjor issues that hinder the development of Chinese churches today.

Why Some Christians No Longer Celebrate Traditional Chinese Holidays?

Three reasons on the boycott against celebrating traditional Chinese holidays.

10 Hot Issues Christians Should Follow in 2018

Get a glimpse of what will happen in the Chinese church in 2018.

The Problems With ‘Christian’ WeChat Accounts

Issues with some unfaithful "Christian" Accounts have drawn attention from pastors, believers, and social scholars around China. Many people are worried about the spreading of 'false' messages.

Ten Apostolic Missionaries in Modern China (with apostle style)

Learn to know the great deeds of ten foreign missionaries for modern China.

Fujian Putian Church Publicly Reported for Social Service

A 16-second piece on the Fujian TV Economic Channel reported on the century-old Putian Church in Fujian, recalling that the renowned evangelist John Sung held rallies that led to a spiritual revival.

New Book on Protestant Missions Development in China Published

A new book was published to present the macroscopic perspective of the Protestant missions development in China (1807-1949).