Articles by "CCD contributor: Paul Wu "

Advice for the Mid-Autumn Festival: Think About Longing for a Better Place in Heaven

Upon the arrival of the traditional Mid-Autumn Festival, a reminder for Christians to meditate on their "heavenly home" to come.

Dalian's Yuguang Church Holds Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition as well as Bible and Traditional Culture Competition

Dalian Yuguang Street Church, which has a history of one hundred years, held a calligraphy and painting exhibition, as well as competition about the Bible and traditional culture.

Reflection for Upcoming Mid-autumn Festival: Real Reunion Lies in Harmonious Relationships

An article reflecting on the traditional reunion festival in relation to relationships.

St. Paul’s Church of Nanjing

St. Paul's Church is one of the classical church buildings in Nanjing.

Guangzhou Sacred Heart Cathedral

A brief introduction of a large famous stone constructed cathedral in Guangzhou.

St. Sophia Cathedral in Harbin

The famous St. Sophia Cathedral can hold more than 2,000 people, known as the "Greatest Orthodox Church in the Far East".

Biography of David L. Anderson: First President of Soochow University

David Laurence Anderson, a missionary from the American Methodist Episcopal Church, South, was committed to Suzhou for years and was known as the first president of the famous church university, Soochow University.

Missionary James Mellon Menzies, First Western Researcher of Oracle Bone Inscriptions

Oracle bone inscriptions were written in the Shang Dynasty, which recorded the religious, cultural, military and other information of this ancient dynasty. The study of the inscriptions on bones is one of the popular studies on Chinese culture. However, more than 100 years ago, a missionary carried out studies on oracle bone inscriptions, becoming the first Western scholar of oracle bone inscriptions.

Missionary Robert E. Chamers' Biography: Hailed as "Pioneer of Literature Evangelism by Baptist Mission in China"

The American missionary Robert E. Chamer was sknown as a "pioneer of Baptists' literature evangelism in China", specifically for missions in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions.

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai

St. Ignatius Cathedral, or the Xujiahui Cathedralh, located at No. 158, Puxi Road, is the cathedral of the Catholic Diocese of Shanghai.