Articles by "CCD contributor: Wang Zhengmin"

Brief Account of Self-Nominated Evangelical Chinese Grass-Roots Preacher

A feautred news article highlights a brief intro of a self-nominated Chinese evangelist, Cai Shangen.

Testimony of an Ordinary Christian: Once Shamed of Gospel, Finally Embracing It

A witness of an ordinary Christian: from shame on being a Christian to the acceptance of Christianity.

Future of Chinese Urban Church: Loose Structure, Unestablished, Cultural

What is likely to happen to the Chinese church based on the current model it adheres to?

True Story of Christian Tempted into Pyramid Selling: Why Didn’t Faith and Church Help Her ?

The article shares how a Christian woman found herself facing various challenges from the Church she belongs to.

Anecdotes of Hu Shih, Chinese Christian Intellectual

Learn the life of this Chinese Christian and see how his stance on Christianity reflects today's Church.

Story of Sexually Abused Woman: My Childhood Is Destroyed by “So-called Devoutness”

Learn how this woman's life changed because of a religious sect.

The Chasm Between My Generation and My Parents' Faith

This article is from the perspective of a young brother on how he views Christianity.