Articles by "CCD contributor: Xiao Bin"

A Glimpse into a Nominal Christian Family

How a typical Chinese Christian family celebrated the Spring Festival.

Difficulties in Shepherding People Born after 1995

Let me share the difficulties in campus fellowships with my fellowship as an example.

Testimony: First Generation Christian Teaches Me Love

Xiao Cao had compassion even before following Jesus, and becomes more loving after converting.

Am I a Christian if I Still Sin?

A story of Christian Xiao Li, the most miserable Christian I've ever met.

Post-90s Christian Optimistic about Poverty

Adopted by her aunt because she is a girl, Fang fang is still optimistic about life owing to her aunt's faith.

To Christian Undergraduates in Small Cities: Be Good Students

Many Christians complain that they don't how to share the gospel, then try to be a preeminent Christian student at the present stage.

Withering Rural Churches in China

Apart from some flourishing Pentecostal churches, other traditional rural churches are nearly severe aging.

Christians, Stop 'Evangelizing Regardless of Occasion'

Nowadays Christianity is becoming so weak. More and more people take Christianity as hypocritical. We Christians are responsible for the hypocrisy among the gentiles.

The Benefits of Financially Independent Preachers

A preacher argues that preachers should be financially independent, even if they are unpaid or underpaid. wages are not credited as a gift but as an obligation.

Are Wonders Necessary to Keep Faith Alive?

For senior Christians, faith is strengthened by testimonies, while young Christians tend to doubt wonders. My question is: Do young Christians need wonders to keep their faith alive?