Articles by "CCD contributor: Zhi Xian "

What Causes the Absence of Brothers in the Church?

However, nowadays the brothers in churches are in a state of absence.

Christians, See Yourselves The Way God Sees You

However, we are prone to think in two ways when others don't think highly of us: seeing ourselves too highly or too lowly. It's hard to have a balance.

How Should Church Counsel Teenagers?

It offers six practical ways and principles to counsel juveniles.

Pastor: Christians, You Can Find Way out only When You Come back to God

The secret to being blessed starts with crying to God because the sole help is from God.

How Can Christians Build a More Intimate Relationship with God?

Is our relationship with God caused by misunderstanding?

What do You do When You’re Already Living Together

Pastor gives advice on what should people do when they're already living together before marriage.

Preacher: The Longer You Serve God, The More You are Likely to Lose Fear of God

As we serve God longer, we should pray more to God to give us a heart of reverence and obedience because we come to know the importance of fearing God after seeing our own corruption, ignorance, and Satan's attacks.

Pastor Should Love His Flock

One of the crises the church faces today is that pastors show little concern for their congregations. However, a good pastor pays attention to his congregation and knows their circumstances.

What’s Your Take on Pre-Marital Cohabitation?

Is pre-marital cohabitation sin? What does God teach us regarding this issue?

The Importance of Having a Christian Family

Three reasons why you should have a Christian family.