Articles by "Cindy Zhang"

Fujian Church To Mark 100 Years

The church in Fuding, Fujian, will celebrate its 100 years.

Ten Bible Passages for Elderly Christians

Check out the 10 Bible passages every elderly Christian should read.

Guangdong Churches Respond to Typhoon Mangkhut

How did Guangdong Churches assist in helping the public during the super typhoon?

Pray for Children with 12 Bible Passages

As Christians, we can look at the Bible to pray for our children who are heritages from the Lord.

Biblical Advise for Young People

Know ten pieces of practical advise for young people from the Bible.

Shanghai Church Holds Service for 100 Seniors

On October 22, 2017, Shanghai All Saints Church held a special service for seniors above 80.

Church Helps Deceased Deacon’s Family Harvest Corn

A Jilin church helped the family of a deceased deacon harvested around 7 mu (1.15 acres) of corn, receiving praise from a neighbor.

My 80-Y-O Grandmother’s Faith

She can't reason her Christian faith out or speak about doctrines, but her faith is real to me.

Linfen Church Hosts Training Class to Church Volunteers

The Linfen Church of Shanxi Province held a thanksgiving service to close its 10-day Lunar January training class on Feb 25th.

Church Dedication after 5 Years of Preparation

With the donation and support of believers, the fellowship was finally able to have the dedication in 2016.