Articles by "Elsie Hu"

Hong Kong Movie Star Thanks God for Being with Him When Winning Best Actor Prize

Anthony Wong, a Hong Kong Movie Star, thank God for winning the Best Actor Prize at 38th Hong Kong Film Awards on April 14.

Christmas Celebration of Migrant Workers’ Church: Passing On Love with Warm Actions

A close-up at the Christmas evening party of a migrant workers’ church in Suzhou city: commemorating the birth of the Lord Jesus – passing on love with warm actions.

Four Christians’ Perceptions of Highs and Lows of Marriage

Here are four Christians at different ages sharing their experiences of touch parts, hardships through marriages, as well as how they handle with family conflicts and their expectations.

Do These Ten Reasons Stop You from Being Grateful?

Check out if the following ten reasons stop you from being grateful.

Millennial Preacher: Young Rural Preachers Paid Less, Hard to Have A Say

A post-80s female preacher witnessed how she was transformed from indifferent to God to faithful Christian soldier and talked about the difficulties facing young rural ministers.

Second Christian Media Summit Held in Jerusalem

Israel's second annual Christian Media Summit was held in Jerusalem on October 14-17, 2018, focusing on the country's relations with the Christian world.

Ten Bible Passages for Christian Couples

Here are ten Bible passages Christian couples should read together.

Taiwan Christian Philanthropist Sun Yueh Dies at 87

On May 1, 2018, Sun Yueh, a famous actor in Taiwan who became a Christian, passed away in hospital at the age of 87.

Memorize These 10 Bible Passages to Overcome Hardship

Read the following ten bible passages to overcome all the sufferings and storms by God's grace.

Topic: What Does Christianity Mean to China’s Millennials?

Six Christians who are born in the 1980s or 1990s share their views about Christian faith. They are a preacher, a fellowship leader, a pastoral staff, a pastor's wife, and a layperson.