Articles by "Elsie Hu"

Ten Bible Passages for Christian Couples

Here are ten Bible passages Christian couples should read together.

Taiwan Christian Philanthropist Sun Yueh Dies at 87

On May 1, 2018, Sun Yueh, a famous actor in Taiwan who became a Christian, passed away in hospital at the age of 87.

Memorize These 10 Bible Passages to Overcome Hardship

Read the following ten bible passages to overcome all the sufferings and storms by God's grace.

Topic: What Does Christianity Mean to China’s Millennials?

Six Christians who are born in the 1980s or 1990s share their views about Christian faith. They are a preacher, a fellowship leader, a pastoral staff, a pastor's wife, and a layperson.

Read These Ten Bible Passages to Win Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare is always ongoing, so the Bible is a reminder that Christians should stay self-controlled and alert because the devil looks for chances to sow discord between humans and God.

Ten Bible Passages about Loving Your Neighbor

Here we offer ten Bible passages for you to meditate on and learn from to the extent that you can "love your neighbor as yourself".

Ten Bible Passages for Christians in the Workplace

The article offers ten Bible passages that may help Christians work with wisdom.

Pastor: Five Problems Christians Should Avoid

Guard against five problems the Israelites had in the wilderness.

10 Bible Passages You Need to Read When You’re Weak

After following Christ, Christians still face various kinds of problems in daily life, then where does strength come from?

Singaporean Pastor Lawrence Khong Shares Gospel through Magic in Hangzhou

The Singaporean pastor-magician Lawrence Khong staged a large magic show, "Christmas Magic" in Hangzhou on December 15, 2017.