Articles by "George Veith "

Christmas & Wise Men from the East — China?

Does the Christmas story have a special Chinese connection?

In the Spirit of Boxing Day – Organic Chinese Dumplings

Special Chinese dumplings are made by a special team of women in a registered church who see it as a ministry they can be involved in.

The Christmas Tree Tradition: From Old to New

Over the centuries, the Christmas tree tradition has added new meanings and adapted in other ways.

Being A Local Christian – Views from Grassroots

Chinese Christians answered their joys and challenges as a Christian, how they thought the Chinese culture viewed Christianity and the Gospel message, and finally what they would like to know about Christians in other parts of the world.

Advent - Beginning the Church's New Year

This Sunday marks the beginning of the church's liturgical year and the first Sunday of Advent.

Celebrating Thanksgiving - Cultural or Biblical?

Where do the origins of Thanksgiving come from? Are they a cultural celebration that the church has chosen to adopt to be grateful to God?

Using Our Gifts

Seeing women hard at work for cooking meals was again a reminder to me that every gift of service and ministry in the church is important and should be affirmed.

Finding the One God Desires

For the Chinese church, Christian young people have the added pressure of parents who may not be Christian who do not see the importance of marrying another Christian.

Thanksgiving Celebrations in NE Chinese Churches

As usual, churches decorate the inside of the church with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.