Articles by "Grace Zhi"

40 Years of Development in Church in Lin’an District, Hangzhou

A brief account of what the church in Lin'an District has experienced in the past decades.

10th Anniv. of Sichuan Earthquake: Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi Encourages Survivors to Move on

Despite losing her legs and family in the disaster, Liao Zhi gains her new faith and life and encourages affected people to move on.

Ten Bible Passages to Help You Keep Eyes on God

A real peace rests upon one when he truly focuses on God.

Shanghai Church Holds Group Memorial Service on Tomb Sweeping Day

Hongkew Methodist Church in Shanghai held a group memorial service on April 5, 2018, the Chinese Qingming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day.

Shanghai Moore Memorial Church Holds Easter Service

The church celebrated the Resurrection of Christ with hymns, programs, and the communion service.

Forum on Study of Religion to Be Held to Mark 40th Anniversary of Opening-up

The Forum in Commemoration of 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening-up & the 15th Annual Symposium of the Social Scientific Study of Religion will be held to discuss the theme "Religions as Social Reality".

Hangzhou Megachurch Gives Blood Donation to Honor Communist Legend“Lei Feng”

The pastoral staff of Hangzhou Chongyi Church joined a blood drive launched by the city's community to commemorate Lei Feng.

Nanjing Holds Memorial Service for NUTS Prof. Mo Ruxi

The memorial service for Professor Mo Ruxi, a former vice dean of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary(NUTS), was held in Nanjing.

Nanjing Mochou Lu Church Visits Poor Families

Nanjing Mochou Lu Church gave greetings and food to 20 poor families to show Christ's love.

Ningbo Church to Hold Union Special Meetings for Women

The church will hold a 2018 World Day of Prayer service, a parenting lecture, and a testimony sharing meeting for female Christians.