Articles by "Grace Zhi"

Church in Shandong Aids Flood Victims

A church in Shandong reaches out to the flood victims in Shouguang this month.

Legendary Life of Zhang Ziyi, a Christian Patriot

Learn the life of this extraordinary Christian patriot.

Interview: Chinese Followers on Christian Camps

Check out the responses of Christian camp participants across China to see how much it changed them or what they think about it.

24 Couples Re-announce Marriage Vows in Shandong Church

24 Christian couples in Shandong celebrated Chinese Valentines Day differently this year.

“Almighty God” Cult on Public Trial in Heilongjiang Province

On Jul 31, 2018, People's Court of Daqing High-tech Industry Zone in Heilongjiang Province heard a case of sabotaging legal enforcement by organizing and using heretical religion. It is reported that the case is related to "Almighty God" cult.

Memorial Service for Chinese Theologian Chen Zemin Held in Nanjing

On June 8, 2018, the funeral and memorial service for Professor Chen Zemin were held in Nanjing.

Chinese Theologian Chen Zemin Dies at 101

Chen put forward a new theological theory that theology was like an ellipse who had two focal points - men and God.

Shandong Church Plans to Establish Editorial Board to Compile Church History

On May 20, 2018, the Yicheng District TSPM of Zaozhuang, Shandong, published messages to solicit records and clues about the history of local Christianity.

40 Years of Development in Church in Lin’an District, Hangzhou

A brief account of what the church in Lin'an District has experienced in the past decades.

10th Anniv. of Sichuan Earthquake: Christian Celebrity Liao Zhi Encourages Survivors to Move on

Despite losing her legs and family in the disaster, Liao Zhi gains her new faith and life and encourages affected people to move on.