Articles by "Issarch Li"

Chinese Christians marked the 70th Anniversary of the victory of anti-Japanese war

Recently, churches in Beijing have held a variety of exhibitions and activities to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Victory of the War against Japanese Aggression and the WW2.

Seminary Teacher Chen Xun: Church in China is at the age of puberty not of independence

Pastor Chen Xun, a teacher of Yanjing Theological Seminary, shared in a preaching recently that "The China Church isn't at the age of independence but at the age of puberty, because our churches still have difficulty surpassing some external pursuits."

National TSPM & CCC donates RMB 1 million to start the disabled welfare project

The National TSPM&CCC recently held a donation ceremony for a disabled project called "Sharing Warmth in the Sunshine," which was lead by the China Welfare Fund for the Handicapped. They donated RMB 1 million to the disabled and hope to help them to walk out and enjoy the sunshine together.

German Priests adopted 550 Chinese Orphans in Hunan Province during WWII

Local newspaper in Changsha reported that during the period of Anti-Japanese War, German priests set up a shelter in Zhijiang County, Huaihua city, Hunan province to help 550 Chinese orphans.

Beijing and Tianjin Churches joined the rescue team after the Tianjin explosion

Believers in Yanjin Theological seminary prayed for people in Binghai Tianjin explosion area, during the two services on Sunday Worship. That same day, all disciples of Zhushikou Church in Beijing also prayed for them.

Ancient Chinese Porcelain Depicted the Bible Story showed up in Shanghai Museum

"The Palace Museum, Shanghai Museum of Ming and Qing dynasties trade porcelain exhibition" held in the Shanghai Museum, more than 160 trade in the Ming and Qing dynasties porcelain, including a wide color graphics depicting the Bible story of Jingdezhen kiln.

Chinese Christians Pray for Peace of Tianjin

A series explosion of Tianjin Binhai new district has killed at least 112 people. Until now, among those killed are 85 firefighters, another 520 people have been admitted to the hospital. After the explosion, including celebrities like Jay Chou, many Christians pray for Tianjin.

Christian developed ADM System for Chinese Church to Use For Free

A Christian called Cai Songling researched and edited a church ADM system which covers church offering, church membership and account. Now he provided for the world Chinese churches to use for free.

Christian doctor: How to be A Man of Wisdom?

What is the most important quality in the workplace? Diligence? Courage? Honesty? Christian doctor Gao believe that wisdom is the most important quality.