Articles by "Issarchar Li"

Newly-Built Bible School of Shaanxi, A Good Sign of Progress in Northwest China

On the 1st of December 2015, Shaanxi Bible School and Xixian New Area International Cultural Education Industrial Park co-hosted the signing ceremony of the "Shaanxi Bible School Project."

Are You An Unconditional Pacifist? Written After The ISIS Paris Terrorist Attack

ISIS attacked Paris, exploded a Russian aircraft, and declared that New York and Washington will be their next targets. The war with ISIS has become the biggest threat that Europe have ever met since World War II. Should every young Christian arm ourselves and join the war against terrorism?

Shandong Linzi Church Holds An Open-Air Evangelistic Gathering

On Nov. 16, Shandong Linzi Church held an open-air evangelistic gathering in Zhutai Town.“The evangelistic gathering is like fire warming the cold hearts.”says Linzi Church.Matthew 11:2

Why Hasn’t God Answered Your Prayer?

There are many promises from God in the Bible. Sometimes we can get grace from those promises, while sometimes God does not give what we ask for. Is there anything wrong with God's promise or our faith?

New Church to be Dedicated on Thanksgiving Day, Anhui

Qingliu Church, which is located in Chuzhou, Anhui, will hold its dedication ceremony on Nov. 26, 2015, the coming Thanksgiving Day. Qingliu Church building, built from 2010, consists of a church and a comprehensive building with 3500 square meters of construction area.

Pastor Shares Twelve Love Languages and its Seven Mottos

Pastor Xiao thinks, "love" is easy to say, but difficult to live out. "Love needs expressing," Xiao points out that Chinese people often do not know how to express love. He advised believers to learn the twelve love language and its seven mottos.

China Churches Set Up “ Theology Day” in November

The second Sunday of November has been named "Theology Sunday" and is scheduled by Shandong churches. Recently Shandong CCC&TSPM held a meeting that mobilized Shandong churches to pray for and donate to the Shandong Theological Seminary.

The Ninth Cross-Strait YMCA Joint Music Concert Held in Xiamen

In the evening of Oct. 31, the Ninth “Singing Together” Cross-Strait YMCA Joint Music Concert was held in Xiamen Dance Drama Opera. The concert attracted Xiamen Channel which reported it.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Launches its Global Chinese Website

On Nov 1st, upon Billy Graham’s 97-year birthday, global Chinese website( of Billy Graham Evangelistic Association(BGEA) was officially launched, said the Chinese ministry of BGEA.

Beijing Shepherd Tells: Faith in Life is True Faith

"Religion that can be testified in real l life is true faith," shared by Beijing Pastor Zhang Bin recently in a Jiamei worship party. He enouraged people to do the things on their identity.