Articles by "Josiah Li"

Popular Hymn Author Shares Story Behind

The hymn My Life Doesn't Belong to Me has been popular among Christians in China's three northeastern provinces.

Father’s Day: Letters from Five Children of Pastors/Preachers

Five children of pastors/preachers share what they want to say to their fathers: expressing the pride of being a child of a pastor, the gratitude of having a godly father, a review of their warming moments, or the love to fathers.

Century-old Church Holds Celebrations for 100th Anniv.

The church's history can be traced back to 1917 when the United Presbyterian Church of North America built it.

Behind Original Gospel Song: A Prodigal Son Returns to God through Music

The song is an epitome of a faith journey of Li Daijie who left God during his rebellious years but returned to God.

Chinese Churches Hold Prayer and Counseling for Students Sitting Gaokao

In the recent years, the churches across China provide specific services for students who sit gaokao, China's national college entrance exam, like offering prayer, consulting, and psychological counseling.

Harbin Church Visits 200 Children with Cerebral Palsy

Harbin Nangang Church visited more than 200 children with cerebral palsy in a local rehabilitation center.

Changsha Church Launches Prayer Campaign to Help Congregation Grow Spiritually

"Now Christians meet great challenges in their life. People hardly quiet down and spend time with God," said Rev. Ren Xia from the church.

Beijing Yanqing Church Continues “Bible Reading Week”, Helpful to Reading through the Bible

Beijing Yanqing Church held the third "Bible Reading Week" campaign that helped believers read through the Bible.

Former Estate Restituted to Hunan Church from Local Government

The church in Yongshun County, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan, took back its estate - Gospel Church, a historical and cultural site protected at the county level.

Yanjing Theological Seminary Records Audio for Supplement of Chinese New Hymnal

After three years' efforts, the Beijing-based Yanjing Theological Seminary has completed its audio recording project for the supplement of the Chinese New Hymnal, a publication that contains 200 songs.