Articles by "Josiah Li"

A Glimpse into Environmental Protection Efforts Made by Chinese Church

Over the years, the Chinese church has actively contributed to environmental protection in China.

130-Y-O Church Rededicated in Lanzhou, Gansu

The Lanzhou Shanzishi Church was originally built by the China Inland Mission (CIM) in 1885. After more than 130 years, the church dedicated its newest building on May 19, 2018.

Heavy Rain Kills 7 People in NW China, Christians Join in Post-disaster Work

The local congregations voluntarily joined in the post-disaster work, like helping victims clean their farmlands.

Yanjiang Theological Seminary Serves Mothers with Medical Service

On Mother's Day, Yanjing Theological Seminary held a specific free clinic for mothers who attended the Sunday services.

Mother Who Lost Daughter in 2008 Sichuan Quake: I May Be Not Alive Today without Faith in Jesus

At the 10th anniversary of the quake, she shared how she walked out of the loss of her daughter by her faith and with the help of the church.

Beijing Christian Serves Families of Seriously Sick Patients for 9 Years

Her service began with a prayer request message for a child with leukemia sent to her in September 2009.

800 NE China Christians Engages in Blood Drive

Since 2016, the Shenyang CCC&TSPM of Liaoning Province has called on the city's churches to organize blood drives around Easter.

Tujia Minority Christians Bring Traditional Culture into Worship

Hymns and dances with Tujia ethnic features have become one of the characteristic programs of the church in Zhangjiajie.

Story of Church in Zhangjiajie’s Remote Mountainous Area, South-central China

Wangjiaping Church, the second oldest church in Zhangjiajie, has a history of about twenty years.

[Walk with Jesus in Holy Week] Day 7: Holy Saturday

The seventh day of Holy Week is the Sabbath day and Jesus tells you what is the real rest.