Articles by "Josiah Li"

How the Gospel Turned Quarrelling into Harmony and Changed an Entire Village

From cursing for three days and nights to helping their neighbors, believers in Miaogou Village changed because of their faith.

How One Brother Saved Himself and Five Others From a Cult

A testimony of a former "mentuhui" member shared his alarming experience working for the cult and later saved others from it.

Senior Christians Tell Fervent Faith Stories

In the 1990s, Christians in the western Hunan had to walk a long way in the early morning to attend Sunday services.

Church Imitates Jesus Christ and Lives Out Love Through Visitation Ministry

A church in Hunan is always available to visit those in need.

102-Y-O Woman Baptised in Sichuan

A 102-year-old woman received baptism in a Sichuan church gathering.

Large Crowds Gather at Church for Christmas Eve Service

A flock of people rushed into a Beijing church on Christmas Eve and even waited in line for services.

The Story of a Deaf Ministry

The story of Sister Cong and the deaf ministry she leads.

Christians Offer Help to Dispatched Migrant Workers in Beijing

On November 29, 2017, Brother Zhao and some Christians offered temporary accommodation to dispatched migrant workers.

70-YO Elder Repairs Broken Bibles for Decades

Elder Xu serves in the church by doing tiny things like repairing Bible and carrying believers to church.

New Church Dedicated in Inner Mongolia

A new church was dedicated in Bayannur, Inner Mongolia.