Articles by "Josiah Li"

Hebei Church Launches Blood Drive before Easter

On April 15, days prior to this Easter Sunday, Fuxing Church in Hebei launched a blood drive.

Northeast China Theological Seminary Safe from Mountain Fire in NE China

On April 17, 2019, a fire broke out near Qipan Mountain in Shenyang, China's northeastern Liaoning Province, and didn't spread to the nearby seminary after in control.

Christians Leave Families and Homes to Serve Leprosy Survivors

A group of Christians have sold their houses and given up their stable jobs to voluntarily serve in leprosy rehabilitation villages across China all year round.

Beijing Fengtai Church Holds Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

On December 24, 2018, Beijing Fengtai Church held a Christmas Eve candlelight service.

Beijing Zhushikou Church Marks 30 Years’ Reopening

On December 20, 2018, Beijing Zhushikou Church celebrated its 30 years of reopening.

Shenyang CCC & TPSM Donates 1M Yuan to Charity

The Shenyang CCC & TSPM of Jilin donated 1 million yuan to help poor people with serious illness.

Five Small Stories of Christian Social Work

Apart from doing obvious work, some believers offer what little they have to respond to the love of the Lord.

Interesting, Moving Prayer Ministries in China: Prayer Rooms, Caves...

The church sets up special rooms and caves for daily devotion and prayer, carries out chain prayer and fasting and morning prayer meetings...

Shaanxi Church Will Move into New Venue after Gathering Underground for 5 years

Xi’an Changlepo Church will move into a new venue after being stuck in an abandoned building for 5 years.

Stories of Modern “Nehemiah” Church Construction Project

The moving stories of the new church construction in Heilongjiang give us a modern version of "Nehemiah" project.