Articles by "Karen Luo"

[Feature] God Still Reigns: Testimonies of Urban Christians in China

Unlike the last generation Christians who often suffered political pressure and poverty, today's urban Christians in China are in a new battlefield and live out faith in new ways.

Azusa Pacific University Explores Connection between China’s Economy and Religion

On May 30, 2018, a group of young students from Azusa Pacific University, United States, visited CCC&TSPM.

Archbishop of Ugandan Anglican Church Visits China

a delegation including Rev. Stanley Ntagali, archbishop of Ugandan Anglican church, met Wang Zuoan, director of State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA),and CCC&TSPM.

[Feature] Domestic Violence in Chinese Church

As Paige Patterson's resignation reflects domestic violence in the U.S. church, the Chinese church also meets the issue and tackles it under the context of Chinese morality and ethics.

Sermon: Authority Comes from God

Dale Cuckow, the fellowship's senior pastor, delivered a sermon titled "When You Become Queen (or King)", citing the story of Daniel.

Beijing Chongwenmen Church Holds Annual Bazaars

On the past four Sundays, Beijing Chongwenmen Church held traditional weekly bazaars to help poor students.

[Feature] Landscape of Rural Preachers Salaries in China, Causes and Solutions

The "poor preachers" phenomenon appears more frequently in the countryside. It is more evident in some places such as Henan, Hebei, Anhui, Hunan, and Shaanxi, and some preachers struggle to survive.

International Lutheran Laymen's League Visits China

Mrs. Gunya Na Thlang, the Asian director of International Lutheran Laymen's League (Int'l LLL), visit CCC&TSPM and the church in Inner Mongolia.

New York Theological Education Center Visits Jiangsu Church

A four-person delegation of New York Theological Education Center (NYTEC) paid a visit to the church in Jiangsu from May 10 to 13, 2018.

10 Bible Passages about Love

Love is the greatest commandment in biblical teachings.