Articles by "Karen Luo"

Chinese Sculptor Creates Two Statues to Honor Late Billy Graham

China's top sculptor and painter Yuan Xikun made two bronze statues to honor the late evangelist Billy Graham.

2018 YMCA World Urban Network to Meet in Shanghai

CEOs and senior leaders of local YMCAs all over the world will meet in Shanghai from October 14 to 19, 2018.

Wuxi International Church Launches Religious Charity Week Campaign

A special religious charity week is launched in Wuxi this month.

Beijing Yanqing Church Runs “Visitation for 100 Days” Campaign

Beijing Yanqing Church runs a theme campaign of visitation for 100 Days.

Ling Xiangchun Elected as the New General-Secretary of Amity Foundation

Here is the profile of the newest General Secretary of Amity Foundation.

Kunshan Church Holds Praise&Worship Meeting to Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

The Mid-Autumn Festival begins in Kunshan Church with a flourish with a special Praise & Worship Meeting.

Chengdu Church Holds Concert in Guizhou

A special concert was held in Chengdu early this month to share God's work and love.

China Issues Draft Rule to Regulate Online Religious Messaging Services

China releases the draft of the new rules for religion-related activities online.

Memorial Service of Elder Fu Xianwei, Chairman of China’s Registered Church Body, Held in Shanghai

On September 6, 2018, the memorial service of Elder Fu Xianwei, chairman of TSPM, was held in Shanghai Moore Memorial Church.

Flood-stricken People Moved by Church’s Supply

Find out how the people of Sanli reacted when they received help from Sanli Church and Pei County TSPM after they were hit by a flood in early August.