Articles by "Ruth Wang"

Story Behind Two Statues Chinese Top Sculptor Makes to Honor Late Billy Graham

Find out how this Chinese sculptor got the inspiration for his two bronze sculptures dedicated to a beloved evangelist.

Jeremy Lin Returns from Injury: Not Being Somebody Else, I Want to Be Best Version of Myself

NBA superstar Jeremy Lin returns to the court with a short message that reflects his strong faith.

Survey: 70 per cent Chinese Churches Never Pay Attention to or Talk about Sexual Abuse

Almost 70 per cent Chinese churches never pay attention to or talk about sexual abuse, according to a survey about sexual assault among Chinese Christians.

Sermon Christians Who Want to Minister Mustn’t Miss

"Christianity talks about love, then what is love? ...The word 'love' is misused for many times."

Hubei and Fujian Gov’t Issue Guide for Approving Temporary Places of Worship

After China promulgated the regulations on the approval and management of temporary sites for religious activities, relevant guides were released.

Memorial Service of Former-Triad-Boss-Turned-Preacher Teddy Hung Held in Hong Kong

Teddy Hung or Hung Hon-yee, a former gang leader of 14K Triad, died on Hong Kong at the age of 70.

Christian Ethicist Dr Stanley Hauerwas: Asian Church Should Not Follow Western Established Christianity, But Witness Jesus by Basic Virtues

Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, the most influential Christian ethicist in the late 20th century, gave a lecture titled "The Church in Asia: A Barthian Meditation" in Japan Doshisha University.

Second "Samuel Pollard Gardener Award" Focuses on Children of the Mountains

"We hope that children can imitate mosses to bloom like peonies."Said Liang Jun who volunteered to teach in Shimenkan.

Fourth Seminar on Thoughts of Samuel Pollard Held in Beijing, Recalling Missionaries’ Contributions to Modern Chinese Education

Professor Chen Haowu said the civilization based on faith and education in Shimenkan was inspiring to the current society in China.

Chinese Christians Pray for North Korea, Grateful for Breakthrough in The Trump-Kim Summit

Earnest expectation and desires of peace in North Korea can be shown in the statement, just as the Bible said, "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."