Articles by "William Yoder, Ph.D."

“It Was God’s Calling”: Willy Peters, Mennonite Pastor Who Knew How to Serve

Willy Peter’s devotion to his church, his solidarity and sense of duty in illness and adversity, the refusal to abandon the remnants of a church, remain the lasting testimony of his life.

Baptist Umbrella Organisations Clarify Their Geopolitical Preferences

A new Cold War is approaching and the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) with its European Baptist Federation (EBF) are making their geopolitical preferences clear.

The World’s Largest Territorial Lutheran Church Must Make Do with Very Few People

Vladivostok - Even in the Russian Far East it can be the state that keeps a Protestant congregation from throwing in the towel. A Lutheran house church had already received a green light from church leadership to close its doors. Yet when the city informed them that deregistration would cost 60.000 roubles (1.800 euros at the time), the congregation changed its mind.

Peter Mitskevich, New President of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

At the national, Moscow convention of the Russian Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists (RUECB), Peter Valterovich Mitskevich was elected its president, probably the best-educated Russian Baptist president ever.

No Longer in Limbo: The "Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists“ Is Back in Business

After four years in limbo, the "Euro-Asian Federation of Unions of Evangelical Christians-Baptists" (EAF) appears to have roared back into existence.

Protestant Developments in Russia during 2017

In their own quiet way, Russia's Protestant denominations are continuing to evangelize.

On a Visit to China and the Russian Far East

A Russian report shares what the Chinese church is in his eyes.

What Should Christian Call God in Mongolian?

Starting with between four and 40 believers in 1990 (numbers vary), Protestants in Mongolia now number at least 50.000 in 500 local congregations.