Articles by "Yetta Yao"

Guangzhou YWCA Spreads Correct Concepts of Sex through Cartoons

Since March 27, 2018, the Guangzhou YWCA has been posting a series of children's sex education cartoons on its WeChat account to help parents spread correct sex education to their children.

Interview: Post-80s Church Planting Pastor Emphasizes the Importance of Putting Theory into Practice

A pastor explored to start a new church more adaptable to the new environment in China.

Preacher Zhou Enying, Member of Chinese Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band, Dies at 105

Preacher Zhou Enying, a member of the Chinese "Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band", died at the age of 105.

Renowned Chinese Pastor Liu Dongkun Dies at 98

Rev. Liu Dongkun, an official-turned Christian and pastor from Taiwan, passed away at the age of 98 in his home in Melbourne, Australia.

Fund Set up to Promote Church Social Service in Sichuan

The Amity Foundation and the Luzhou TSPM established a fund to promote local church social service in Luzhou located in Southwest China's Sichuan province.

Xi’an YMCA Recruits Volunteers to Serve Children with Leukemia

Xi'an YMCA released an announcement to recruit volunteers to engage in an education program for long-stay children with leukemia.

China State TV Releases Documentary on Youth Protection

Recently China state TV released a six-episode documentary titled "Caring for Tomorrow", focusing on the varieties of dilemma Chinese youth adolescents face, including abandonment, sexual abuse, enduring violence, and deception.

Christians of Different Ages Share Their Most Unforgettable Christmas

What is your most unforgettable Christmas? Receiving a gift, knowing a new friend, or being touched by the Lord's love during adversity?

Amity Foundation to Hold Charity Concert to Support Art Education

At the last day of 2017, a charity concert will be staged in Nanjing to support art education.

Pope Francis Says He Would Like to Visit China after Asia Trip

After his trip to Asia ended on Dec. 2, Pope Francis said that he would love to visit China.